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Weekend chicken Finale

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Wel the weather changed on me and it started to rain on and off, but I managed to finish it off without resorting to using the O-V-E-N.

Check out the Q views.
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Good look'in chicken !!!

Thanks for the brine idea.....
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Nice looking thighs!
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A quick note on brines. Pickling salt will dissolve faster resulting in a better brine. Can't find/afford pickling salt? Give some kosher salt a spin in the ol blender/food processor/coffee grinder.

Great views, I'm trying to convince my wife that I need a bigger smoker.
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being from a mariner state of life... i love the life ring ......reminds me of dowwning "sky roaches"- aka seagulls... or just falling of the boat q-ing...
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Convincing my wife of a new smoker is like asking her if she would mind going to the shopping mall with me (I hate the mall, once or twice a year).

She is 100% behind me when it comes to smoking, hunting or fishing.

2 months ago I showed her the bigger Masterbuilt smoker that Sam's is selling, she wants us to get that.

Yesterday I brought up that I would like a charcoal smoker with the side fire box (someday), she said she understood that also.

Just when you think you have women figured out, they go and agree with you.....Hhhmmm?
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my wife just refuses to look @ the screen here cause she knows i want a "galley on tires" that can do 16 briskets... la ti da....costs more than a toy hauler & .. well you's hell being a man................
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Falling off the boat while q-ing is better than being a victim of someone carelessly throwing iron. I was always fishin' with one eye out the back of my head.
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it sounds like you have a very understanding wife - or she doesn't like to cook! PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif

Is Chimayo mild chile powder the same thing as regualar chilli powder or is it a hot pepper?
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Great looking chicken. Way to go.
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My wife loves to cook, but so do I. If she is home I get basically kicked out of the kitchen. But, when it comes to the grill or smoker, stay away !!! I will say she does help a ton with getting stuff ready to smoke and grill though.

Off the cooking subject a bit but what is funny, quite a few years ago shortly after we first met she would have a cow if I wanted to upgrade a rifle scope. A few years later she started getting into photogaphy and picked herself up a pretty nice Canon 35mm and all of a sudden she was wanting huge outrageous lenses for it, at this point she understood the quality of optics and knew the price for quality. Since she has moved to a digital Canon and has most of the lenses she wants. But there is still one rifle I want to replace scopes on and we never seem to be financially ready for that yet?

Sorry to rob the poultry thread with marraige talk. To get it back on track here is a pic of a pheasant my wife grabbed a pretty nice photo of out the passenger side of my pickup window this last May.
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