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spare ribs

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hey all doing some spare ribs today using the 321 method i think i will go dry ribs today no sauce i will also be doing some of dutches baked beans they are awesome and a fatty and some brats ribs went in at 11:00 dinner should be at 5:00 everyone is welcome
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Doing 4 racks myself, we'll compare pics later!cool.gif
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I always prefer my ribs dry. That way I can taste the meat and not so much of the sauce. If I wanted sauce I would just grab a spoonful
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Gee Cheech does that preclude a rub as well?

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hi all

ribs turned out great no pics though got busy doing other things and forgot we had ribs beans a fatty a few hot dogs corn bread and rice what a menu it all turned out great the ribs where done when i checked them at step two of the 321 in foil so i pulled them they fell off the bone well you guys have a great week
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Hey! What do you mean no pix? PDT_Armataz_01_35.gif
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i say to no pix .. all sounds good though
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