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ABT'S with Pineapple

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I am trying my ABT's today with crushed pineapple in the creem cheese, I am sitting here planning my next smoke allready, and I am not even half way done today, go figure!
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I put a chunk at the bottom of some ABT's I made one time. Didn't think about just putting it in with the cheese. They were ok. Couldn't fill the chili up with cheese at the botton, but it was a nice suprise at the end..
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Speaking of chilli ..... chilli and cheddar cheese is good too. If you use beans they have to be mashed or they take to much space
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HHHMMMMMmmm ABT's with refried beans & cheese sounds mighty tasty if you ask me. Thanks again Debi that'll be on my next smoke next week end.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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My ABT's Were super, wish I had not used such finely crushed pineapple, but they went down good! yes they did!
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