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First Butt (pics)

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This is my first butt. Rubbed it with mustard and tony chachere's yesterday.
I put it on at 3:05am, I plan on foiling at 160 and then taking it to 200 to pull.
I'm using mainly pecan and a little mesquite wood.
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Great start! Will follow through the day. Please take lots of pics.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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looks good

That looks good. I was so happy when I did my first butt. Was awsome.
Good luck. Sittin on my 9th hour with a brisket right now.
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Looks great so far!
I'll be lookin' for more pics later.
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How do I post a picture that is not a thumbnail at the bottom?
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who caresicon_smile.gif all we gotta do is click the thumbnail to see all yer glorious work. Bring on the pics, bring on the pics!!!
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Lookin good!
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4 hours into the smoke
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Your pics are looking good, Isn't this site just great, I cooked my third butt last night and we just ate most of it. I couldn't have done it without the help from these wonderful cooks on here.
The wife said she wants me to start doing one every weekend now. Looks like I have started something, but I am looking forward to my next one already. It's addicting.

I just have to get me a good meat thermometer.
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Beagle that's gonna be a great butt I can tell already!
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Turned out great very tender and juicy. Pulled some and put BBQ sauce on it and left some in bigger chunks. It was a 7 pounder and took 9 and a half hours. Have to try a brisket next.
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Nice beagle! Really nice!

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I've said it once but I'll say it again. Nice butt!
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