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Kobe Beef pic

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Sorry just a pic, no q.

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It's suppose to be really good....but the piece of cow in my back pocket says I'll never know just how good. PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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Maybe you did. If memory serves, our beef was not too different from the beef in the picture until the anti-fat mania. It's strange we eliminate natural fat, just to add manufactured, unnatural fat back into our foods.
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Really SERIOUS marbling. Lotta massage and saki went into those cows. rolleyes.gif
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I buy Kobe beef. It's THAT good!
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That is some serious PRIME beef. Betcha' it's cuts like budda after it's cooked!!
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Ain't no kobe beef at the Peculiar Apple Market. They sell Black Canyon angus that is about as rich as us hillbillies can afford.PDT_Armataz_01_30.gif
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So thats what it looks like...I didnt expect all that marbling though....but I dont know that much about beef, but I am learning :)

What does that cost translate to?

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Bout three tanks of gas for my pickup.
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1200 yen = 9.89 $us per 100g = 44.90 per pound
1500 = 12.39 = 56.25
2000 = 16.49 = 74.86

Just some rough calculations........
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OUCH! icon_eek.gif
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kobe rice & beer fed massaged is the way to go - i got fly slapped stubborn bb gun deterred from the fence black angus ( ass if ya ask me). i don't care when it's muddy & they fall down & can't flip over ( god knows how that works)- it's a steak....
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icon_eek.gifHOLY COW !!!! icon_eek.gif
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Wait a sec , $45 - $75 per lb. all that for a fat Japanese cow ?
Why not just feed out a nice angus on sweetcorn mixed with molasses and oats soaked in Bourbon, would be some very happy beef. Heck feed me on that and I'll be happy too :)
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lol it has to be spoiled & almost raised kos but not......
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So at 2000 yen per 100g,a 10 oz. steak would be $46.79!!!
Too rich for me!
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My understanding is you can't get real Kobe beef here in the US because of the mad cow thing and restricted imports. So, we have Kobe "like" beef here. They're not the same type of species of cow, but they're treated just like the ones in Kobe, but they just live here in the US or some other place where we trust their beef.

There is a market here in Arizona that sells Kobe Burgers for $6.99/lb. I'm assuming they're faux Kobe beef since the ban. They're 1/2 lb each and REALLY good. I get them and some good rolls and WOW what a meal.. Very tastey.
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I've had the pleasure of eating Kobe beef. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif Dutch's statement "Betcha it cuts like budda" is true! It seems to just melt in your mouth. Never have eaten anything like it before, or since. I highly recommend if anyone has the opportunity to try it, do it.
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The thing is, in Japan, you wont find them throwing down a 300g steak in front of you. Most of the times I've seen it, it is cubed up and added as a flavoring agent (and is eaten also). But they will also grill a 100g steak, cube it, and serve it with a soy dipping sauce. Anyway you have it, it is excellent.
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When I was younger, I had the chance to enertain a few fellows from Japan, when I worked for a large import company, and those boys acted like they had never seen a steak, that was all they wanted to eat, bfeakfast, lunch, and dinner, guess they have never been to that meat market!
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