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Grill/Smoker in pic

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Well I got a grill not really a smoker.I will be getting the smoker/chip box next week been cooking steaks burgers dogs and ribs.
ALL have been Tasty.

and dont leave home without your Everglades Seasoning.PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif

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Glad to see you got your unit. Just how good is that Everglades seasoning. I've seen it online and it's peaked my interest. Give me two reasons why I need to buy it.
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I think I saw a smoker that looked like that just had a side firebox installed. A chip box should work or you can make tinfoil packets full of wood chips too.
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#1 Its the best seasoning that my wife has ever Tasted.We use on just about everything.There is also a Hot version that I really like on my Eggs.
#2 I believe that all you need to do is try it.

ps I like to combine lemon pepper and everglades for the perfect ???? doesnt matter whatbiggrin.gif
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No need to wait for a smoke box just add some chips to some tin foil wrap up and add to your grill. Works just fine.
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Some friends brought some everglades back from FL on a trip long ago. They liked it so much while they were there they bought, like, a whole case. They gave us a can, and it went good on anything, just a good all purpose seasoning. It ran out long ago, and I keep meaning to buy more online, and perhaps after this post I just will.icon_biggrin.gif
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I've never tried it but you don't have to buy online, I went to their site and it shows it available in most major grocery stores and Walmarts mostly in the Southeast. Just click on were to buy on the site
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Not in My Part of NC

Well just got done indirect cooking some sirloins w/ wet and dry Hickory.
They are Melt in the mouth GREAT.

Now I gotta find some other woods.
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Good job Eric! Glad you enjoyed them!
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