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Doin' some spare ribs today

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This morning, my wife and I woke up to the smell of hickory smoke from across the yard area of our town home complex. My wife got jealous and said we should do some ribs. Not to be one upped by the neighbors, obliged and headed over to the commissary and got me the biggest rack of spares I could find. Now, as you all know, I don't have a regular smoker and didn't feel like fighting with rolled up ribs falling over, so I put em on my performer. They're doing great right now, I'll post pics in a few.

While I was prepping the grill for the smoke, I stepped out back to take the dog out, and the neighbor was out there fussing with his ECB, I gave him some tips and we got to talking, looks like I'm gonna be having pulled pork for lunch tomorrow PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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I'm ready for some photos!!! My old ECB did a Pork Butt the other day. Got a post on here. It may be old and cheap, but it still does a wonderful job.
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Sounds like a good neighbor to have. Get his butt on the site!
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told him about it, he said he'd check it out. pictures comming up.
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heres a pic of the ribs with rub before i put em on. they're cookin right now.

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Those look like soe nice ribs Brennan. Did you throw a chip packet i that grill? I can almost taste them!
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Those look great. I can;t wait to taste them, umm I mean see them :)
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Nice lookin ribs. Sounds like you have your own little circle of smokers to share ideas with.
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hehe yeah, well I got good news and bad news, the good news is I got puics of the finished product. the bad news is that the finished product was about half eaten by the time I remembered to take a pic. more bad news is you'll have to just imagine how they turned out til I post the pics. Lemme put it this way, My wife said you could drink the meat off the bone it was so tender. YAYY ME!
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Good job Brennan! Lucy might even get a taste from Mom? If you know what I mean, or is she on "the mix"(can't remember what its called, been too long).

Can't wait for the pics, and show us a pic of Lucy.

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I'll never understand why they call em "spare" ribs. I guess it's becvause the pig could spare them? I think not! OK..So why do they call them "spares"?

They look good and meaty BTW..
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Here's dinner!

Here's a close up of the smoke ring.
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Nice work. They do look awesome.

That is the way to do it one neighbor at a time.

All I can get my neighbors to do is show up when the meat is ready, I have only one neighbor that is even slightly interesed in smoking meat and he shares his smoker with a friend
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Great ribs my boy! SUre wouldn't mind sharing a few of those babies! Good job!

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