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Can you speed up a butt?

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I'm thinking of doing a butt for some pulled pork at work. I get in at 4:00am so was wondering if I got a smaller butt and smoked it 3 or 4 hours and then wrapped it and cranked the heat up could I get it done by 10:00 or so and then sit in the cooler for an hour or so? Would it get tough if I try to cook it that fast?
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Somehow, the phrase "light a fire under your a**" just popped into my head. Seriously, though - at about 1.5 hours per pound - if you had a 4 pounder it would be cooked low & slow by around 11am - you could be eating it for lunch.

- Anthony
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i knocked two hours off mine and did an 8 1/2 lb butt.
Not sure what kinda smoker you are using though.
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Some people will run their smoker at 275-300F until the fat is about rendered and then lower the temp to 225F for the rest of the smoking.
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I'm sorry but for me it's all about "low & slow". I like to smoke to relax, there's nothing like rolling a big ole fatty sitting back and smoking it real slow. Then poping a few ABT's in you mouth mmmmmmmmm good.
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Thanks for the tips guys. I was just trying to figgure out a way to smoke while I'm at work and have it for lunch. I'll have about 5 or 6 hours to work with.
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icon_exclaim.gif Back in my teen years and twentys I did alot of that too icon_redface.gif
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By rushing you will miss the entire point of smoking meat and get a product that will disappoint you. My 2 cents.
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If you need to you can crank it up a bit for the begining of the smoke but there's always the chance you'l hit the plateau - no telling.
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Don't crank it up too early, meat useally don't take on much smoke after 140*,run it up slow, then wrap it a little early and pour the coals to it. now relize it won't end up as good as the low and slow.
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Again this will depend on what type of smoker you are using. If Charcoal and not one of the better insulated models, I would say "no way". Only because the first batch of coals will be depleted around 4 1/2 hours or so, maybe even before that.
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Not sure if it'll help in your situation - and I know it'll drive the purists crazy - but I had pretty good success smoking a pork shoulder past the safe internal temperature (145 F) to about 160 F (about where it hits the plateau), then wrapping it in foil to finish in the oven, or to finish the next day.
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