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Too hot to fish, but not too hot to smoke

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Way to hot to go out and fish, but the wife found this 8 1/2 # butt in the freezer so on the smoker it goes.

Thought I'd give this rub a go. Found it down in Cedar Key.

Spiced it up the night before. Also injected it with some bitter orange marinade by Iberia.

Decided to use my old Brinkman R2D2 over my Great Outdoor Smokey Mountain smoker. I really am not aiming for pulled pork but more of a sliced pork. Although since the R2D2 seems to get hotter than the GOSM, I may end up with pulled pork and that ain't a bad thing. Also went with the Playbox sand again over the water pan. Temps were up to 250* without a hitch.

Around 2 1/2 hours into the smoke (using hickory and oak chunks) I've already got a good bark forming on the butt.

Since the R2D2 has no easy access to the fire pan, atleast not on mine, I will transfer it over to the GOSM and some fresh coals in around another hour and let it finish up there. Not sure if I am going to wrap this in foil on the smoker yet or not?

Well time for the transfer to the Great Outdoor Smoker. I was amazed how well the "EL Cheapo Brinkman" preformed. In fact I think I could finish it in there as there were still some very hot coals in the pan. But I am also sure I might just come up short and and second batch of coals would be warranted.
Seems my wife had a different opinion on sliced pork or pulled pork. So we discussed it politely over a couple of Beers. I told her than it would take alot longer to achieve the 195 to 200* pulled pork level and that sliced pork would still be quite tender. I must say I put forth a good effort.

PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif Needless to say, I didn't win

After another hour and a half, it was time to pull out the pork and drain off the juices.

Re-wrapped in foil and transferred to a small cooler for an hour or so.

Dang, almost forgot to take a final shot. Pulled pork, chunky style!! Already mauled over abit.
Got plenty left over for sandwiches and plenty of sauce to put on it.
Took me almost 9 hours on my GOSM to do a 5 lb butt. This was an 8 1/2 lb butt and the old EL Cheapo Brinkman with GOSM in tandem did it in 7 hours. Not to shabby for a smoker thats over 28 years old. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Good lookin pulled pork. Now you got we wantin to fire up the GOSM. It's going to be around 110 here this week, so your're right. It's not too hot to smoke.
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Thanks for the step-by-step and Q-views. Looks yummmmmy. Just ate and wish I were there, pulled pork and slaw sammie. Love em.

Desert, wasn't quit that hot here but when I got home from work, smoker was 135* sitting here in the yard.
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Yum! That's on my list to do tomorrow or the next day.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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great looking pix. now i want to go cook something else..... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks guys. I was, however, not that impressed with Bad Byrons Butt Rub. To stick a moisten finger in it and a quick taste, will lite you up some, but after smoking for so long, it seemed to lose something. I normally use Durkee's Chicken and Rib Rub along with extra Black Pepper and Everglades Heat. Still, it was not bad and even better the second day.
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Very nice documentary on pulled pork procedure. Love the pictures
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Nice looking butt!
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Yep, gotta get out there early cause it gets way too hot after about 10am. Very nice looking butt and pics.
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Looks great, Flash! Nice job!
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Have always said the ol" Brinkmann ECB will amaze you with what it can do.
Or, you can spend $3000-$4000 for a "real" smoker! icon_mrgreen.gif
Nice job on the butt!
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Nice lookin butt, thanks for the awesome pics, drool slurp wipe , gotta go eat now icon_mrgreen.gif
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I wish I could just "find" A big ole butt in my freezer. Man that looked good. I just can't seem to get a dark looking bark like you got. I guess I'll have to keep trying. One day I'll be able to hang with the BIG DOGS!!
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That looks great but one question, what do you mean by "Too hot to fish"?? confused.gifconfused.gif Never been THAT hot before.biggrin.gif
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Maybe not in Ohio, but in the Gulf of Mexico, with 95 degree heat, no clouds and no wind.........I'll stay home. We do attempt early morning trips when the tides are right. This day was for smoking. biggrin.gif
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This was actually the first one that gave me really good bark. I varied from my "Fat Cap" down and tried the "Fat Cap UP" this time. Also the rub and the higher temps of the ECB came into play I think. Any time you foil meats it seems to moisten quite abit and if the bark is not already formed, it just ain't gonna happen.
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"the weather is better down where it's wetter undah da sea"... spearfishing....
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Most of us be scalloping instead, but when the Tiger and Bull sharks start moving in.....I become land based PDT_Armataz_01_13.gif
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