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Who grows what?

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What type of tomatoes do you grow? I only grow heirloom varieties. The hybrids are easier to grow, and more productive, but nothing I've tasted in the way of a hybrid can touch the old fashioned sweet tang of a good heirloom. My faves are Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, 1884 Yellow Pinkheart, and Black Cherry.

What are your faces?

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Just one tomato for me this year, a patio roma. Super prolific though.
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I have a very small area so not much variety; just Beefeaters and Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes.
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I like the Brandywine also (two plants), two yellow pear(Wife's Fav), Granny's Paste for sauce!
Poblanos, jalpanoes, armenian cucumbers, that's it I have a small garden!
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Payson, those Romas are the best for pico de gallo and bruscetta aren't they?

Ron, those sweet 100s should be named sweet 1,000,000s because of all they make, shouldn't they? I planted them once, and had volunteers for about 10 years.

Jay, can you post some pix of those Armenian cukes for folks to see? I grew some last year, and man do they get huge. I loved them, but the wife said she likes the dark green ones better, so we've got the dark green ones this year (you know how that goes).

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We planted a bunch of different ones this year...some heirloom, some hybrid...I definitely like the heirloom taste better, can't wait for my first fresh mater sammich!!

early girl
super snow white
sweet 100
Yellow pear
West Virginia
brandywine red
mortgage lifter
dinner plate
russian 117
black krim
big rainbow
brandywine red
better boy
golden mama
early wonder
long keeper
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I planted a Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifter this year. It's making nice size beefsteak type maters. Flavors good, but with all the rain we've had, it's not a good year to try and judge. Flavor's never as good in any variety when they stay drowned all the time.

I planted Black Krim 3 years in a row, and never made a single fruit. They must not be well suited to our climate.

tried the Red Brandywine two or three times, and never got anything that came close to the original potatp leafed Brandywine.

Honestly, I think the Cherokee Purple is my fave for all around performance and flavor, w/ the 1884 Pinkheart running a close second.

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No garden this year but I usually do some romas for sauce, paste and powder, sweet 100's for salads and munching while I'm in the yard, beef steak for sandwiches and better boys for canning.
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Never tried the Cherokee Purple's, have seen them a few times. The one golden one I got is a first for Burpee, it's a yellow plum. Stated that it will make conversational sauce...Yellow spaghetti sauce, we'll see, I'm thinking it will be less acidic so I will look at some other options for a yellow sauce.
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Hey Smokyoky
I don't have a picture of an armenian cucumber, but here is a link to a .pdf.
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