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just what is a fatty ???????

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i hope this is not a stupid question ,,,,but,,,,,...i read so much on this site about the fattys,,,i want to make one but what do i ask for in the meat market or what do i pick up at the supermarket.if i go into a supermarket here in new york city and ask for a fatty,i am going to get looked at like i am nuts.i see so many ways that forum members smoke,prepare and experiment with the fattys but what meat do i start out with? sorry for such a simple mewbie question but if i dont ask ,i will never learn....thank you for all your help so far,i have learned so much from all the good folk and great help i found on this site
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The term fatty is a relative term. It means different things to different people. If you were to ask for a fatty in NY, you would probably be directed to the back alley for that purchase.

But here, a "fatty" is a Jimmy Dean sausage roll that is smoked. Some don't use Jimmy Dean and some stuff the roll with goodies and some even apply a rub. But, the foundation of a fatty is sausage..

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It base is pork sausage. From there you can add whatever you want or add nothing. Smoke it and bring its internal temp to 160 degree's and now you have a fatty.
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It's breakfast sausage, like Jimmy Dean or Tennessee Pride, that smoke whole. You can just take it out of the wrapper or you can fill it with cheese, onions, peppers, etc.

Here's some links on how people have made them:



I like them just thrown on the smoker naked.

Hope this helped
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thank you once again for the help....a jimmy dean sausage now i got it........i cant wait to try one
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Careful they are very adicting
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Just one ! You'll wish you'd have done 3 or 4 Mmmmm Mmmmm
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A fatty is what keeps you from staving to death while waiting for everything else to finish smoing!
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You'll always find room for a Fatty in the SmokerPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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when i first joined this wonderful forum, i kept seeing fattys mentioned. i was like wtf is that? finally i asked. man i had been missing out on some good stuff. they are so good. i use JD sage flavor. it is good right out of the package and into the smoker. i smoke mine at 225° for 1.5 hours, flip, and smoke another 1.5 hours.
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Start with a plain chub of Jimmy Dean, or Bob Evans, or your favorite brand. Don't use the cheap stuff, way too much fat (even though this is a fatty).
The flavor is up to you, regular, sage, hot.
But just do the fatty straight out of the wrapper to start. Appreciate the great flavor of the smoked sausage, that is the real fatty. And they are best right off the smoker. They freeze and reheat well.
You can always pimp it up later. rolleyes.gif
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They are fantastic for breakfast. Laura and I like them crumbled up with eggs, little onion and peppers, and wrapped in a flappy thing (flour tortilla).
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I agree with Chris - when I started reading this forum I was totally confused about the fatty. I thought I was on the wrong forum for a minute until I saw what they were all about.

And now, I am a Fatty Head... In my opinion, a Fatty is one of the best darned things you will ever eat... mostly because there is no set way to cook it. It's all up to you - whatever you want to put in it or nothing at all....
- Anthony
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I did my first fatty this past weekend - a large chub of Jimmy Dean Regular (is that 32 oz?) flattened, then stuffed with shredded cheddar cheese, chopped mushrooms, chopped green and red bell pepper, rolled back into a log and smoked for 2 hours or so in my Old Smokey Electric. Excellent!
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i have my first fatty on the smoker right now
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Bet you can't eat one!

Without wishin' you had done 2 or 3 or ?PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif Done the JD naked, and rolled in rub. Both delish!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Found a brand called Farmland that is a courser grind than JD, did one with the brisket Friday. Rolled out, laced with several roasted Hatch med. hot chilis, rolled back up in plastic wrap, into the fridge to get it firm again. On the smoke to 160*. OUTSTANDING !!biggrin.gifcool.gif
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And don't forget that if you get into making your own sausage you can roll your own fatties! Now that's fun! And the flavorings are endless! I am hooked BAD!

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Their the best. After I tried my first Fatty, If the smoker is fired up, There's always room for a fatty or two in it. Love em,good stuff!
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o.k here is the deal...i had a fatty and my first meat loaf in the smoker at the same time,,,,they both turned out fantastic,,,,,,,
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We are the SMF FAMILY! One of the great aspects of this forum is that we are here to share all the good as well as the bad with our brothers and sisters.

And while I agree that a forum of this type may not be the proper place to post this sort of terrible news you are a member of the SMF Family. We are here for you!

If you wish you may post a new thead under General Discussion and we will all add our insights.

May God Bless and keep your family!
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