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busy day

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I am in the middle of the largest smoke to date for me. I have 12# pork loin and 3 full racks of babybacks going in one smoker and 8# of chicken parts going in new brinkman charcoal smoker. Sure does keep me busy makin sauses and such. Going to be good eats all week. icon_biggrin.gif
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That'll keep ya busy and full !!! Remember to posts pics of your smoking project, it is fun to see how everything turns out.
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Oooooooooooooo heavenly! Only thing better than a full smoker is two full smokers! Good luck Mike and enjoy!
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Sounds GREAT!

Hope some of those yard bird parts are livers..I LOVE the liver.. Everyone always throws it out though. icon_neutral.gif

[looks down and mumbles] Why they gotta throw away the liver? I love the liver...
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