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Brisket & ABT's

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I got up at 6 this morning to smoke my brisket. It's only 3.6lb's so I could get a late start. I figured getting it on by 8 would be safe. I'm doing it in my Weber Performer and I rubbed it down with the Dry frb from my fatty wellington post and spraying with jack and lemon juice and the rest of my rub (strained to get the chunks out). Now its time for pics.

brisket rubbed and ready for a good nights sleep

This morning about 7:30 brisket waiting for the smoke.

Abt's on the smoker

Thats it for now folks, will post more later.
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Its commin on 5 PM here, and for some reason my brisket decided to plateau at about 135 for the past 5 hours. I just checked it and its just barely pushing 140. This is starting to look a little bleak as far as brisket goes for dinner tonight. I still need to get it to 165 so I can foil it and start collecting juices for the finishing sauce. I ran out of spray (which is probably a good thing, it was making some foul smells) so i'm using straight jack now. I started off using mesquite for smoke, but I didn't have enought left in the bag that wasn't bark for the whole smoke, so i'm finishing off with jack daniels chips. If it turns out ok I think I'm gonna call it Brennan's All F***ing day Jack Daniels Brisket. Hows that sound?

Oh yeah. the ABT's turned out FANTASTIC!!! here's a pic.
They're just a little overdone, but thats ok, everybody loves crispy bacon.

Here's snother shot. Guess whats in the ramekin?
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Looks great! What is the ABT dip? Looks like a raspberry something.
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just regular old strawberry jam. It's great with the ABT's I made. Pretty simple, cream cheese jalepenos and bacon.
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Guess I don't pay attention enough. If I'd read your location would of been a no brainer!PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Oh yeah, I didnt think about that...heh the strawberry jam was all I had in the fridge. gave the ABT's a Monte Christo style taste.
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Look at that smoke ring!!!

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did you halve your peppers?, I am planing to do some in the AM, but don't have a pepper holder yet, and if you halved yours, I might try that also
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either or, I halved wm for easier seed and vein removal.
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I am setting up my post for my big smoking Sunday, I hope my first try at brisket's come out as well as yours did, they look super, or is that supper?

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both, they were fan-freakin-tastic! plenty of leftovers for tomorrow and hopefully some for work on monday. I made that Corn casserole thing that was posted here a while ago...lemme link it is: . That stuff was great with some honey drizzled over it.

I made the finishing sauce from this thread .
Except I substituted the rendered fat for a cup of beef broth...stock woulda been better but I don't have any cow bones to boil.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

I sliced it up, put the slices on some sammich rolls and served, had the sauce on the side in a ramekin and we dipped like au jous.
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