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Todays mission Img heavy

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Today I started the 3 Butts for the block party. 16.8 lbs. total.

Last night I rubbed them down and set in the fridge to get happy.


all rubbed down

In the smoker at 0700

4 hrs in to the smoke. smoker temp. 230 - 235, internal temp. 155 & 156

Is there any reason to keep smoking these after*?
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I would pull them out right now, the internal temp will continue cooking for about ten minutes after you take them out. Just my opinion. Man does that look delicious !!!
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Do you want pulled pork or sliced pork?

Not sure on sliced pork, but I'm think'n about 180* internal.

Pulled pork should be in until 195-205+. I always take mine to 205 or so.

I don't think 160 is near far enough.

Just my opinion.
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Going for pulled pork, will bring int to 195-205.

Was asking if there was any added benefit to keep applying smoke at this point.
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leave it in only if you like a heavy smoke flavor (i do). if you foil it, it will not get anymore smoke to it anyway. buuuuut, you might as well take advantage of the heat you have going in the smoker, right?
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Its's now 9 hrs. into the smoke. I decided to not foil and smoke the final bit with apple wood, I love the smell of apple icon_biggrin.gif
Internal temps are 183 and 187, only a couple hrs left.
The best part of this smoke is the wife only asked me to do chores once, my reply.... honey....I'm cooking!! She hasn't asked again icon_mrgreen.gif
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At 20:00 both buts hit 205* a min a part, amazing!
Foiled them and into the cooler's they went. didn't get pic's of them as they were falling apart and all I wanted to do is get them in a pan with foil and into the coolers. I'll take pic's before and after I pull them.

Thanks for everyones help here at smokingmeat forums. Hope everyone likes the pulled pork tommarow.
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You did good - congrats on getting it done. Thanks for sharing the pix and let us know how the party goes.

Keep Smokin
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I usually foil mine with a couple ounces of apple juice when they hit 165 internal.....and then let them stay in the smoker till they get to 205. Thats when they go in the cooler and I don't have to worry about it falling apart cause it's already in foil.

As far as keeping smoke on.....I usally have my second or third wave going in when they get foiled so there is still going to be smoke and any incedental contact is fine by me.

Last step is critical of the pull........gotta have the Q-View...!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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JohnT, you should be proud of the job you did. Well done! But.......Pics of the pull? PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif Don't see any!
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You need the 195 to 205 temps for pulling....I just wish I lived on your block...

Looking Good!!!!

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Looks like you did a great job! I always leave mine in the smoke til they get close to 200F. Just did 4 shoulders a couple weeks ago for a BBQ and they turned out great that way. And that apple wood sure does make it nice to sit outside with it! I usually use hickory chunks and top it with apple and cherry wood, and mop it with a cider vinegar blend instead of apple juice. Always turns out great.
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Where's the brisket...and other cow meat?
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Looks great John! Mighty fine job! Where do you live again?

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Pity Poor People Posting. Pull Pics Pretty Please biggrin.gif
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