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ladies and germs

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outside of my introductory post this is my first,

i just want to let y'all know that i have joined about 100
message boards before this one and the welcome i recieved here
is second to none.

i just wanted to thank everyone for being so wonderful

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Your welcome Lem. We try very hard to keep this the best darn site on the internet and we are proud of this place. Thank goodness Jeff gave us a safe and happy home away from home!
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Carnuba, missed your intro cause I was out of town. But anyway, its late, but ya got it. Welcome to SMF! Number one rule here is dont be shy! Ask away on anything and you'll get plenty of answers ( espeically if it deals with smoking meats)! Hope to see ya around the forums soon.
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Welcome to SMF lem. We appreciate your joining. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Someone will be along shortly w/ an answer...biggrin.gif
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Carnuba, you're on!

Welcome to SMF and I'm wishing you a fun and learning experience. There is so much information available, you''l be fitting right in before the fire is out.
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Lem, if you haven't already found it you also need to check out
Debi's site
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Yes,welcome Lem to SMF.
I missed your first posting as well.
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Welcome to SMF. Where are you at? If you're in Arizona, I need an address and a time to arrive for dinner.. icon_mrgreen.gif
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