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Costco meat?

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Hey all,

What is your feeling on the meat at Costco? Anyone use it regularly?
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Everything I have bought at Costco has been top notch Doc. That being said I don't buy briskets or butts there except when I am making Buckboard bacon. The reason being is that Costco, in my area at least, does not carry packer briskets and the butts are all de-boned. Also, their ribs are Armour brand which are enhanced so there a pass for me as well.

The rib roast, chucks, and ribeyes are topshelf though. You can also get some nice salmon, chicken, shrimp, and scallops. I really like the Costco chain and there are some nice items and good buys in the stores.
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Do about 85% of my meat shopping at Costco. But like ultramag said, no briskets do I obtain at said establishment.
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The meat department at my costco is very well educated on what they do. I have had NO bad experiances with any of the meat I have bought from there...
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You know, I was JUST wondering about this last night. We may have to change the name of the boards to PsychicSmokingMeatForums.com!

Thanks for posting this!

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Ahh yes Dev, I was sensing that as well...we are all one under the smoke!
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Costco Salmon

Just picked up some salmon from Costco that I am going to marinade in some maple glaze and throw on the smoker later. I have done it a few times and it comes out delicious. I have also used their pork butt a couple times and it is pretty nice too, although they are boneless.
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We don't have Costco around here, but we do have Sams Club. Their meats are fantastic and wife always picks up a fillet of their Salmon also. Never done it on the smoker yet. Always ends up on the grill for a flip or two.
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