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Help! ! ! !

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HELP! ! ! !
I tend to take several minutes to compose a post; but I am being 'kicked off' before I can get it done and submitted.. Do you have automatic 'kick-out' set for only a few minutes or what might be my problem?
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Dang! Thought she was going down! Started searching for a lifevest and dogging down watertight doors! Whewwww! icon_eek.gifcool.gif
Can't say I've ever experienced this. Something for a moderator or Jeff to address.
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Hey, Mike;
ROTF-LOL.... Thanks for the chuckle.
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Sounds like a session variable within the forum software is bumping you out. Do you have cookies enabled on your computer?

(yeah, I am a programmer)
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Yes, AJ; I think (pretty sure) that I have cookies enabled. My OS is Windows XP; maybe you could give me some hints to check for absolutely sure. Any help would be appreciated.
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I have experienced this problem if typing up a long post, at my whopping 5 words per min icon_mrgreen.gifPDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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Go to Tools >> Internet Options and then the Privacy tab. I am set at Medium and have never had a problem here. What is your browser version? I am running IE 7 at home. IE 6 at work and have not had any problems.

Do any of the moderators know how long the session variables are set for? I believe that 20 minutes is the default.
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All this computer talk is making my brain hurt! PDT_Armataz_01_08.gif Laura ( the little mrs) is the computer guru at the abode. If ever a problem, you will here the call of the "Laura, what the hell is going on with the stupid computer now" ring thoughout the house. eek.gif

How did that face get over Laura's name? .......................... "LAURA..........
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I have that problem sometimes and Someone (Dutch I think ) said to check the remember me thing when you sign in and it doesn't happen as much. Stil happens when I search for stuff though.
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