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for this 6 hr cook. http://s178.photobucket.com/albums/w247/gypsyseagod/food%20pix/?action=view&current=aimeefoodjuly172007007.jpg roughly 4 lbs. of charcoal bricks and a bag of mesquite chunks (ozark wood brand @ wally world). but i did a few mods & the pit ran good that day-it was already hot outside. it was the least fuel i have used & a relatively short cook @ 6 hrs. for a 8-10 lb brisket for 10-12 hrs expect to use 15lbs of charcoal briquettes & a bag of chunks w/out mods. (just my opinion & experience)
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do you have a write up of the mods you did to your grill and why. I am still a newbie, and did use search to find what mods to do to my new tool.

I love modding... I can mod many things if I know what to mod... I am not smart enough to figure it out for myself unfortunately. If you are interested in the things I can mod, just shoot me an email.

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first off flip the charcoal pan upside down & bang it out flat. here's a thread w/ applicable mods. you can see from the pic i just sent that i use the left side grate as a tuning plate & add a water pan under it. added foil around the edges to try to keep the lip from leaking & stuffed the rotisserie holes w/ foil.anyway, here's that other thread http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...ead.php?t=1458 just go down that thread for smokemaster's pics.
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