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R U trying to be phyilisophical (spelling I know) here? But what you said, I totally agree. It's a starting point, and go from there. Try something. If it doesn't work....dont do it again!
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Full smoke ahead it is! Makes it easier that way i suppose! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I wasnt trying to be philosophical (dont worry I had to look it up to spell it rightPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif ). I just feel if we as a collective group settle with one simple way of smoking then there is no point in the forum. Media strives to fit you into a mold and make you think that you are original for conforming to that mold. Ok I guess that was philosophical reasoning.

But I am striving to find a different taste, a different style, so that I can offer something that you cant get at a chain restaraunt. And I think that is why all of us smoke and enjoy it. Because we get tired of big macs and moon over myhammy. It gets boooorring!

I am sorry about the thread hi-jacking-wont let it happen again!redface.gifredface.gifredface.gif
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Hi-jacking is over rated! This is some good info for everyone. If it changes subjects, who cares! Roll w/it, it is what people want to talk about, and when people talk, people learn.
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Maybe it was just the Crown talking icon_mrgreen.gif
By the way, you know Crown is not cheap. If you run across something called Wisers Very Old or even Deluxe give them a try. I was very impressed. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Or Canadian Hunter. Good stuff there. Nothin better than "goin hunt'n"!

(Comparison to Crown)
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Cheaper can be better sometimes. The more I save on booze, the more I have for bar-b-que PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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Since trying the 321 method, I'll always use it for smoking ribs for family and friends. My trick is to add just enough fuel at the beginning to have the heat in my smoker down to about 160 at the end of the first 3 hours. That way, it seems the meat doesn't get as soft after the 2 stage. I will however give the 312 a shot, as I don't like having to get the smoker heat up again for the set stage.
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Just got done with a rack of spares and I also did a beef rack. I've used 3-2-1 my last 2 smokes and while it was ok, I have an issue with getting the 1 stage to crisp up my ribs. I use the electric ECB and it's perfect for my set up but I'm having issues getting a good bark. I know the foiling process eliminates some of the bark and that is what the 1 stage is for is to crisp them back up but I can't do it. I did this batch with no foil and cooked the ribs until I hit around 170* like Peculiarmike did. When it hit 170* I sauced my ribs and waited for another hour (the temp only increased to 172*) and the ribs came out perfectly. The wife loved them, said the best batch yet. Perfect pull, and not tough at all nor was it dripping off the bone. The beef rack was my first and they came out perfectly too and will be doing these from now on when I smoke anything as they were tasty.

What I think also helped me is not touching the smoker and leaving it alone. I normally spritzed every hour, so this time I didn't touch my smoker for 3 hours (except to throw one hickory hunk in). The electric ECB loses a lot of heat everytime I pop the lid. After 3 hours I spritzed once and that was it. Total cook time was 6 hours.

Here are my pics. (beef on right, spares on left) Just realized this was a wordy post! Too many cool ones today while smoking. Thanks all.

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