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Today's smoke

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After a successful bird day yesterday it was time to do some pork butt.

7lb butt, rubbed and spritzed with apple cider vinegar and evoo. it's sitting in the cooler now.

got to try out some ABTs on my new chili grill too, stuffed them with smoked turkey and a mx of muenster and cheddar cheese.

Almost time to start pulling.
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Looks very good. how did the pulled pork turn out?

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What? no fattys?

But seriously, it all looks great. I needa do another butt one of these days.
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Good looking groceries Ron!!
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Here it is 6:45 am (my time), I had my breakfast and now I'm hungry again!! Thanks a lot Ron! icon_cool.gif

BTW-great looking vittles!!
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Nice job Ron, looks great!
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Looking good Ron!!
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The sample I had last night was just ok. I ran out of hickory during the smoke and used apple. It could have used more hickory flavor. I had good chewy bark and a nice smoke ring but parts were a little dry. I only let it sit for an hour in the cooler instead of the 2 I normally do because I was tired and I didn't let it sit after I unfoiled it so a lot of the juices didn't get reabsorbed into the meat but were instead in the foil.
I noticed this piece of pork had a lot more fat in it then the last one.
I'm sure after I add the finishing sauce and a little bbq sauce it will be good.

I learned to be patient and next time I'll let it sit the extra hour.
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"Today's Smoke" looks mighty fine!
How do you like the Chile Grill? I've got the same one, used it once. Make sure you spray it with Grilling Pam!
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looks good ron. i really like the new ABT rack i built. it holds 35 peppers.
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Chili grill worked great. I did spray it will grilling PAM and even the melted cheese cleaned off easily.
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Thanks Chris. I liked your rack too but building things is not my strong point so I am just a good consumer. I don't mind spending the money as long as things work and the grill does a nice job.
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hey we do what we have to eh. i don't have the money to buy stuff like pepper racks. but i do have an almost endless supply of metal at work. and there is also a plasma cutter, wire-feed welders, arc welders, oxy-acetelene torches, metal shears, a punch (that will punch a 1" hole in ½" steel plate), drill presses, and grinders. all kinds of tools i can use, in my free time of course. i try to use scrap metal when possible. the pepper rack all came out of a scrap tub. no usable metal (to the company) was used in its construction.
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