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Do you keep your smoker covered when not in use? - Page 2

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Yeah, those covers are crap at best. My wife is going to make a cover for my CG out of naugahide (yes, some poor nauga will give its life... eek.gif ), using the old cover as a pattern.
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It's sad cause I got an elcheapo grill cover for my brinkmann when I bought that years back, and that thing has held up. Cost about the same (20 bones), but it seems to be made out of a heartier material. That Chargriller thing sucksPDT_Armataz_01_19.gif

I'd task the wife with making me a replacement, but well I've got pants back there from two years ago still waiting for a button to be sewn back on...soooo...I guess I'm SOLicon_smile.gif
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The cover that came with the WSM is pretty good quality. Keep that baby covered. Not so for the kettle or gas grill. BTW, they are under a covered deck.
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Uncovered here. Well untill winter, then it will move into my shop, Where I will continue to smoke all winter long...icon_biggrin.gif
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I am going to try this this weekend. Thanks!
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Man that fix worked like a some ribs smokin' in a rust free smoker right now!
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I see where alot of folks put their smoker up for winter. Will it hurt to leave one out? I do not have a garage ,just a car port. I also was planning on doing some smoking throughout the winter. Hopefully I'll take a couple of deers and smoke some venison. Please give your advice as I do not own the smoker yet but am planning on buying it this week (maybe today).
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Yes absolutly
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I got a cover for my GOSM on amazon, so far so good. It is lined, and seems pretty sturdy. We'll see how it holds up under this FL sun. Leaving it uncovered is not an option seeing how much rain we get here.
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Locks were invented to keep honest people honest lol.PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Your speaking my language here Chris. Go fast turn left? Dirt or paved?

I'm in semi retirement from racing, which basically means I'm too poor to do it anymore.icon_sad.gif Sure was fun while it lasted though!

Oh yeah, speaking of poor, I cover my MES with the box it came in when not in use. Hey it works for now!
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