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Can you smoke calfs liver

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I have seen sig lines that say I will smoke anything. My wife loves liver and I saw some thick slices in the butcher shop today, I did a search and came up with nothing. Can this be done and what would be the recipe
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Well I suppose that you could smoke it just not sure that I would want to.

I am not sure what the texture is like but I guess I would place it on a cedar plank, put a rub on it, cover it with bacon, spray with a mixture of apple juice and Capt'n Morgan smoke for 1-1/2 hours at 225F then throw the meat away and eat the plank. LOL
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Actually that idea isn't half bad except for the cedar plank ... Eeeeew!

After a quick search, I found many references to German liver sausage or liverwurst, so it is not to much of a stretch to smoke it covered in bacon. Just might try that myself some time.
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That's funny, I feel the same way, I would like the plank better. Like I said
it's my wife that likes liver
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LMAO Cheech.

I'm thinking the liver would absorb way too much smoke, making it bitter and...smoky. Experiment and tell us what you think.
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Hhmmm, this has me thinking.... I have bountiful access to buffalo liver, I like the wrapped in bacon idea.
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I think for anyone to have a favorable opinion, one must first like liver ... which I do! No thanks to my mother that thought you had to cook it until it was suitable for sole replacement on your shoes ....

Along with the bacon topping, slices of sweet onion would be a great addition. icon_smile.gif
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Ya know, this has me thinking that a bit of raw diced liver dropped into a cheezy ABT, say swiss cheese, a bit of a previously smoked fattie and wrapped in bacon with a maraschino cherry under the cap of the jalapeno would be quite nice!

Comments before I hit the store?

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Sounds good except for the cherry ??? What is that about?
That's like pineapple on a pizza ...... icon_rolleyes.gif
Could also work some into a fattie!
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The cherry would add color and flavor contrast. Like sweet 'n sour, only different. Sorta like a bit of a flavor "gotcha' type of surprise.

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Yes. I did a post a while back on bacon wrapped chicken livers too. They were great.

Cut it into bite sized pieces and wrap them in bacon like chicken livers or they'll dry out to fast.

You can also slice up a bunch of onions, mushrooms and peppers and spray them with a bit of olive oil, salt pepper to taste and throw the liver on top. Put it in a tin foil pan and smoke it at about 250°F until the liver is cooked though. About 2 to 3 hours. Lay a few strips of bacon on top and when they are crispy the liver is probably done.

I also made a liverwurst sausage awhile back made from pigs liver that was very good but a heck of alot of work. If your interested let me know.
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To me that would be like putting an ABT in a bowl of ice cream .... icon_eek.gif ... now that would be a "gotcha" icon_rolleyes.gif
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Liver is something you love or you hate there's no in between! I love it!
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The myriad of flavors and colors available to us are limitless. Any further ideas on liver?

I also love liver in both traditional and untraditional ways. Gimme Liver or gimme ...er uhhhh...I'll have to work on this PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

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I agree with that .... but .... some things just don't go together .............. PDT_Armataz_01_27.gificon_smile.gif
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Well, Paul, we'll see. I will try that recipe, bear in mind it is only a proposed recipe, within the next two weeks.

And I will offer the results with pix and independant comment, good or bad, for the forum to see.

If it flops, I will admit my faux pas.
If it flies we have a new ABT!

In either case we all gain!

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Hmmm -

ABTs with ground chicken liver pate' with cream cheese and bacon?

Chopped chicken livers with shredded cabbage and carrots?
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Thanks Debi, I showed this to my wife and she said it sounded good. Would you do anything to the liver slice to prepare it and keep it from drying out. marinate or maybe even brining, coating with EVOO, maybe spraying it with something during the smoke. It's been so long since I tasted liver( at least 40yrs) it hard for me to imagine what to flavor it with that would go with it.

Thanks to everybody for their replies, may have even came up with a new use for cherries with ABTs eek.gif
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I agree. Down in the Ozarks we used an oak plank. rolleyes.gif
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Yeah, I was thinkin' about smoked pate'... not a real heavy smoke, but something light, like maybe a quick hit of pecan or some flavor of fruit wood.

I happen to love calf liver, never smoked it, but I'd try it. I usually dust it in flour, fry it in a cast iron skillet with bacon grease, chopped onion and garlic, salt and pepper. When done, remove the liver and add some beef broth to the pan, deglaze and thicken into a nice gravy. BTW, you can add whatever you like to the gravy... I have even used some of the packaged gravy mix in a pinch.

Serve with smashed taters!
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