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I didnt do any smoking this weekend but was on the grill Friday and Sat evening.We did shrimp,scallops,pineapple,portabellas.corn, and potatoes Fri night,Sat night Brats,and more mushrooms and pineapple.This all ended with a wonderful blackberry cobbler made in the Dutch Oven topped with ice cream.Ive not done a lot of Dutch Oven cooking,maybe two dozen cooks,but the cobbler came out just perfect.My wife said I should call it "lay me down cobbler" because shortly after eating it I was ready for bed.
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Sounds like a great food experience weekend, David!

Hoping all is well with you and yours!

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Sounds delicious Dadcots. I love the name your wife came up with.... been there..icon_lol.gif
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Sounds great to me too! You wouldn't happen to have that recipe handy would you? I would like to try a cobbler in my smoker. I have had very little experience with dutch ovens, but willing to try. You make it sound too good to pass up .

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Don't know what dacdots is but heres one we use.
1or2 cans blueberrie pie filling
12 oz. 7-up or sprite
1 white cake mix - cheaps ok- use 1 1/2 or 2 if you want
butter or margarine

place filling in D.O. and spread out
pour in soda
sprinkle in dry cake mix
place 4 or 5 dabs of butter on top - teaspoon or less ea.
bake until top is browned

Made this recipe at the get togather with different fillings. Turned out great.
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Yep ... Good Eatin... if your cookin DO style you gotta try this!
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I bet that was good!
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I was there - and this ate MOST FINE! A fitting finish to a great meal. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
We ate like kings!
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Here is the recipe.except I doubled everything and used a yellow cake mix instead of flour.
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Thanks Dacdots and Shortone for the recipes. I will try them both....they sound great. I've never used a D.O. in my smoker before but have in an oven. Guess it's just the same if the temp is right..Ha. Someone and I can not remember said they cooked a cake in a D.O. I'll also have to try that.

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