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They look very good! I really like smoking pork tenderloins, they are an excellent cut of meat and everyone loves them.
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Ya Done GOOOOOOD Yep it's breakfest time and I would eat that for breakfast . shoot I am even thinking of printing out a pic to taste it looks so good
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hhookk -

Would you mind sharing the recipe for that cheddar bacon bread you listed there? Sounds interesting ...
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It isn't a recipe. I buy it at my butchery pre made in a box. It is basically a loaf of batard bread sliced not quite all the way through and covered in 3 of the best tasting things on the planet. Cheese, butter and bacon crumbles. Absolute heaven.
I will let you know next time I get one what the brand is. They are delicious. Just pop them in the oven for 20 mins and get a slice before it all disappears.
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Don't really smoke tenderloins. Didn't really think they needed it? Not saying they don't look good, but put them on a covered grilled with alittle wood on the fire and you probably end up with something pretty similar. Now Pork loins are another story and those I do smoke. Not near as tender as the "tender" loin so they need longer cooking times and a smoker is perfect for them.
Gotta admit they do look good though. PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
JMHO though so smoke em up
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Thanks HHookk -

I think it would work with just a partly sliced french bread no? Isn't batard bread like a french bread?
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Not sure that the tube steaks were needed with meat that looks that good I got to believe the kids would like that better anyway
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Batard is a big loaf of crusty french bread. The crustier the better i say!

Man that pork looks scrumptious!
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I love crusty artisian breads! That's the only way to eat bread!
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Agreed! No bread can be too crusty!
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Shoot, the first thing I noticed was the smoke ring. Looks outstanding. Im ready to try a tenderloin, thanks for the inspiration!
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By the way save that mustard bottle those make great bottles when you bottle your own beer
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