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for us serious fishermen

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just had to share these.
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THIS is fishin', Key West style. Check out them fins!
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my comp won't open it for some silly reason but if ya got here- there's afew more pics of us fishing & our catches.been charter fishingfor a few years-now i'm landlocked. or check out the "post your hunting pics" thread
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it finally opened- nice mahi.
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makes me want a beer
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Becky here makes me want more than a beer.
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everyone likes a little Bud.. oh just noticed there's fish in that picture too... nice!
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Or two....
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Nice fins...I'm not going to say anything about the second round of pic's PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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not posting the next round...this is a nice family site. What's in the smoker?!
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Yeah............ them fins! icon_eek.gif
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Hey, y'all are makeing me drown in my own spit! One picture of those "FISH" wasn't enough? NO!! Give an old guy a heart attack why don't ya! Thanks? darn it!! Terry
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Stay thirsty my friend...
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Nice kegs...
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