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GOSM Water Pan Question

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Is it normal to still have a little more than half the water left in the pan after smoking for 3 1/2 hours (225 deg)??? Started with 1" from the top of the pan - just figured it would have used up more water....(boiling off)?

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That is about what I usually see. It will vary somewhat with the temperature you are maintaining your smoker at. Did you remember to foil your water pan for easier cleanup?
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Hi, Navyfe!

It is possible, but not likely. Are you depending on the GOSM cabinet thermometer? If so have you calibrated it? Double check your cabinet internal tep with an oven thermometer or hang a digital probe at the same level as the thermometer and cross check the readings.

If your cabinet temp is off by a bit you may not be using up as much water as expected. At three hours my GOSM needs a good drink.

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Actually the humidity in the air will play somewhat of a factor in the waters evaporation also. During the summer months when humidity is high in Florida, I don't even use a water pan. Play box sand will keep a more constant temp and even higher temps than water since water evaporates off.
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Interesting point, Flash!

I am at 1800 feet above sea level. That could explain a higher water usage.

Anyone else have a comparison?

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In OKC and a litttle humid here as well. Surprising enough, the standard box temp o meter was within 3 - 5 degrees when I tested it with the new Digital one from Lowes. Even verified that one with some boiling water (indicated 209 degrees) - just wanted to make sure that everything was kosher.

Used the foil trick - and that does make life a little easier. Thanks

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