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newbie- frist smoker

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I wanting to start smoking but not sure about what to buy. can anyone give some info on a good starter smoker.
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the gosm is what a lot use. if ya want a set it & forget it kinda deal. i go w/ an offset & tend a wood fire. look down the sections to "types of smokers"- that'll tell you just about every kind of smoker /pit there is.
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Easiest are the electric and propane smokers. They vary in sizes, depending on the number of intended victims. A consideration is where you would put your smoker.

Charcoal and wood burning smokers require a lot more attention.
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if you really want to learn the art & learn "pit tending" this is small- easy & lasts ferever . it's idiot proof(no offense) and you will swear by it the rest of your life. http://www.oldsmokey.com/0210OS.html go w/ the jumbo- put your coals/wood to 1 side. open the bottom flue 1/2 way & top flue 1/4-1/2 - i guarantee it. but if ya live near salt air- out of the box- replace all screws/bolts w/ stainless. i've had this thing on a boat in the gulf of mexi & the pacific ocean- it still lasted 3 years daily soaked w/ salt water,fresh, & 100% humidity. for about $39.00 ya can't beat it.
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ps- it don't look that fancy compared to our stuff- but it really turns out some great grub.see some of my pics here- great food on crappy pits. http://s178.photobucket.com/albums/w...god/?start=280 just click back for more pics.
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thanks for the info you have given me some things to think about. I'll let you know what I decide.
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FWIW..I have the Chargriller Super Pro and love it. I have the SFB, and you can use the cooking section as a regular grill as well. Did 3 simple mods right out of the box and boom, done. Cooks great and have been turning out some mighty fine Q. Good luck.
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