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Ok, stuck on stupid here, but do you mean TOTAL cooking time????......In order to achieve that you would have to be grillingeek.gif (And the ones we cooked don't counticon_biggrin.gif )
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Although the fiber on BB is pretty lean I still like them smoked, I like the bark on them better from a slow cook at 225 then a grilling at a higher temp. I have a hard time keeping my grill lower then 300. I have 6 burners on it and a smoker burner and even with just the smoker on low it's hard to keep it down. Maybe the cover is just too well insulated.
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I kind of like to pick up the pace on BBs myself. I say that they are leaner (By volume if not percentage) and therefore could dry out in a real long smoke (And they are done sooner, (smaller cuts) so why keep cooking them?) An hour at 220 in the smoke and after that it doesn't matter how you finish them. Foil for the fall off the bone crowd, on the grill at a higher temp for juicy and a little tougher or into the crock pot if you want to be able to eat the bones too. BBs are by nature more tender it seems and to get them to do anything other than fall off the bone is tricky. I have no problems eating over tender ribs though.
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did some tonight- best i ever had but on the 2-2-1.. ( the foil part would be 1 hr- not 2 & no spritz) i had to leave on foil the last hour cause they were already pulling. so i took the pit to 300-350(had twiced baked stuffed taters going too)but as far as taste- these were the best beef ribs i've ever done & i'd put them up against anyone & everyone for a competition- just enough text & i'm still drooling. here's the play by play.
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I'm confused. Doesn't 2-2-1 make it 5 hours? Am I missing something?

As far as trying other ingredients I think next time I will try your suggestion of ginger,garlic,soy and wasabi. I have actually looked for wasabi before but I haven't been able to find authentic. Just some green colored horseradish trying to pass for wasabi. Maybe it's time for a trip to Chinatown. (I know it's Japanese but thats where the best Asian markets are.)

And on another note I have 4 racks of Babybacks and 2 tenderloins on the smoker as a write this. As soon as I get a chance to upload the pics I will start a new thread .
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Those sure look a lot like St Louis spares. I've never seen BBs w/ such flat bones. Looks like some real smoke penetration too, but for our tastes, we wouldn't cook them near that long.

Grat pix, keep 'em comin'

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We usually do grill/smoke our BBs. Just did some last night @ the urging of the Smoky Okette. 1 1/2 hrs., grill temp topped 300* once or twice, but generally held around 275* (here again, my rules don't let me smoke below 250* unless foiled, too much creosote deposition). Internal temp of 160*=/- when done. Normally when I do them on the smoker, i smoke them long enough to develop a good bark, take them off and let them cool, then vacpac and freeze. They make for a great quick weekday meal, just thaw, heat and eat.


Oh yeah, Hi Bud, Good to hear from you!
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wally's called them beef backs- i just abbreviated it - sorry if it confused folks.and we all know wally can have some no so choice meat. they weren't to smoky,just right.
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Gotcha...makes sense to mePDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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No wonder the bones looked different! We do beef BBs from time to time. and they do seem to need cooked to the point of pulling back a little, if for no other reason, to cook off the extra grease. We always remove the membrane to help accomplish this.

When standing rib is on sale(whole bone in ribeye), I like to cut the eye loose, cut into steaks and then smoke up the bones.

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