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GOSM wide body for sale

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Propane fed wood smoker. Purchased one year ago from Home Depot for $189.00 +tax without propane tank.

Following is the original writeup on the Home Depot site

I have some pictures of it in use smoking different items located here

Propane tank is worth $50.00 (Current prices at filling stations and exchange sites for tank plus propane).

Local pickup only.

Columbus Oh 43231.

Make offer via PM please.

Thank you,

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Damn....I didn't know people sold their smokers.... PDT_Armataz_01_15.gif

I hope this doesn't put you out of the thin blue completely....
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upgrading i hope..... i'm looking into that or a camp chef vault- but there's no wood to tend & what if i camp & no electric- god ferbid.
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Brian did you adopt a new smoker or have your eye on some beautiful machine you haven't told us about? Hope you aren't giving up the smoke.
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Give up smoking meat???? You can only pry the rub from my dead cold hands, if then.

Just kidding.

No I got a great deal on a wood/charcoal smoker. This is the fourth smoker I have owned. I sell one to so I can pay the savings back for the new purchases. This way I can say I have cooked on all styles of smokers. I normally keep them for a year and then move on.

I really like this one but I found a Big Green Egg Large, with cypress table, and cover. Used twice, two months old.....$450.00.

I had a firm commitment from a friend to buy my GOSM, then he talked to his wife and well she wasn't into it. I understand I guess.

Willing to take a hit on this one so the wife will chill out.

Gypsyseagod, I would be more than willing to meet you half way. I have used this one many a time while camping (Not to entice you ;)).

Take care,

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I don't need a smoker. I recently bought the exact same unit for my 1st smoker. BUT, I gotta tell ya...
The pictures you've posted are AWESOME!!!

Thats all the inspiration I need to keep learning. You are truly accomplished in the art. (Either that or you're the worlds greatest food-photographer.)

Hats off to ya!
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Duh, what's that white stuff in some of the picturesPDT_Armataz_01_08.gif
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how much to ship to CA????

OK, just kidding.
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Wow, I wish I lived closer as that is the exact model I want.
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Nobody's perfect, unless you are ;).

Thanks for the kuddos!!! I do a lot of snapshots for web sites and personal stuff.

The smoker did sell last night. SMF also will have a new Columbus, Oh member reading the gas sub forum. I did give him the run down and how to use it.

Take care,

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