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First fatty, not good but has potential

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I just completed my first fatty. I can see great potential here but mine sucked. I used tony chacheres original creole seasoning on 1/2 and cajun on the other. I had never used chacheres rubs before and did not realize they were pure salt. My fatty was so salty you could not even eat it. I also tried to get it to 165 but it stalled at about 161. when i took it off it was already getting dry. I think when it hit 160 it would have been good enough. Next time I will smoke one w/o a rub.
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A little advise-taste your rub before using, if you don't like it when tasted, you won't like it on your meat.
Did you mix the rub thru the meat or just on the outside? Fatties done right are great. Try again, don't give up.
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no worries. a dash of cacherie's(cooked on lousyanna boats fer years- they put it on everything)is plenty - it's not a rub- it's a sprinkle.but if ya want a fatty recipe. i split it,stuff w/ sharp cheddar & jalapeno jack,smoked garlic(my own) paste, roll up & wrap w/ bacon. if ya make my pooter shooter pintos(under sides in recipes), or just add to hash browns & eggs wrapped in a flour tortilla....aww man shew dawgies. it's buena !
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Yep, you have to be careful with Tony's. It is delicious but very salty. The next one will be better! We all learn from experience icon_cool.gif
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The monsternlaw bought the stuff when she was visiting. She from the panhandle of florida. I tasted it but it was hard to judge how much was going on as I rolled the fatty in the stuff. Next time I will do it naked w/ peppers and cheese. I will always have room in the smoker for one fatty
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i buy Jimmy Dean "sage" and smoke it like it comes. if you use the regular, it needs some help in the flavor dept. i tried the store brand once, and it sucked.
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It was done at 160º mad.gif
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TulsaJeff has a damn fine recipe for a rub and sauce that is suppose to be phenominal...check the link on the forum.

My personal preference is Meoweys rub recipe.....it is my go to and it is also versatile to take a little tweaking now and then without losing it's character.

When it comes down to it....put your own rub together over using something from a bottle.
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