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Another Newbie

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I'm in Southeast Kansas and I'm new to smoking meat.
I have a propane smoker, a GOSM smoker.
I have smoked a ham,pork roast,beef roast,port chops and a brisket.
Everything has tasted great but it isn't as tender as i expected.
I started smoking the brisket at 7:00am and basted every 2hrs w/ the
butter mix. It was in the smoker for ten hours at around 200 degrees.
Also turn it over every 2 hours. It reached an internal temp of 180 degrees.
It dropped to 168 degrees after one of the times I turned it over and
it never increased. It tasted great and no one used any sauce on it.
Any advice to make it better.

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Brent welcome to SMF. Hang in there and the folks will help you turn out some great "Q". I have a few questions.
1. How big was your brisket and was it a packers or trimmed. Approx. cook time- 1 1/2 hrs/lb.
2. When you flipped it did you change the position of your thermometer.
3. Did you wrap it.
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welcome to smf. and did ya get yer door closed all the way ???
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IT was a little over 5lbs.
It was trimmed.
It was not wrapped.
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Here's a photo of the finished Brisket!

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Welcome to SMF Brent!!! Good Looking brisket!!

I like to take my brisket off slice it then put it in chicken broth cover it and put it back on the smoke for 1-2 hrs makes it juicy and tender.biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

Keep the pics coming!!!
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Welcome to SMF, Brent, good lookin smoke ring, gotta get your internel temp up to 190 or so before you foil , looks great PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Welcome to SMF BMAN!!!
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