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Another Newbie

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Hello all. I was refered to his site by a buddy, and have been reading some of the posts. Seems like a cool site. I'll start with a little about myself: I like candle light dinners, long walks on the beach........oh wait wrong site intro.... I actually am a family man who has a passion for cooking outside. I am yer typical guy who likes to hunt, fish, and spend time with my wife and kiddos. I see there are some Michigan folk here and saw someones comment about that. I am a transplanted Michigander here to TX. Love both states equally. I sure miss the snow, although seems like you guys dont get what we used to. Anyway.........

I recently acquired an Oklahona Joe smoker (nothing big, the barrel type with the fire box on the side) I know very little about smoking meat. I tried some ribs and chicken halfs about 3 weeks ago with the help of my FIL, they turned out OK, but I know could have been beter. I bought some briskets on sale today and some more ribs to try in the near future whenever our constant, non-stop rain quits. I am open to suggestions, help, etc. and will post more specific questions later, I didn't want to make my first post a novel. (looks like I'm close though)
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hey I was a newbie yesterday and today I am just one of the guys, WELCOME aboard, and happy smoking
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Welcome aboard. This is the place to learn and improve your outdoor cookin skills. Great people and lots of info. I'm sure you'll be spending a good bit of time here.
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Glad you found and joined the SMF! Be sure to check out Jeff's 5 day e-course on smoking meat. There are plenty of good folks here to answer any questions you have.
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Welcome dukhntr !!!
If you are into hunting and fishing, be sure and checkout the WildGame area - and if you have any good recipes for game or fish, be sure and share them with us.
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welcome to smf from another texan. be sure to check out the free 5day course. even us"old pros"learn something new or things we may have forgotten.
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Welcome to SMF dukhntr!!! Glad to have you have in the group.
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You will truly enjoy this site, my wife doesn't mind me hangin out here cause she gets to eat good que.
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Welcome! Smoke some duck for us. Our motto: If it fits inside a smoker it can be smoked! Include pics of your smoking escapades. PDT_Armataz_01_24.gif
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Appreciate the welcome. I am setting the alarm for 7A tomorrow and throwin down on my first brisket. Got some great tips from the Beef forum, and plan to give it a go. I am having some family over, so I got some hot dogs and what not as back up in case I royally destroy this.wink.gif
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I was going to ask about smoking ducks. I have all kinds of ideas for this winters "harvest". I want to grind them up and make some smoked "duck sticks" (similar to slim jims dealys). I will be hanging around here provided I don't get thrown off, as I LOVED smoked food and seem to get great help here.
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Welcome to SMF, and good luck with your brisket. Just hope 7A is early enough to get it done for supper, may be late. Briskets take a while.
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dukhntr welcome to the SMF family. You're in good hands. Ask questions when you have em so you will learn the better way the first time.

I just smoked two 12 lb briskets yesterday along with a pork loin and a butt for pulled pork (had a get together here at the house). The briskets were done at 13 hrs after putting in the smoker.

Plan accordingly to the weight of your meat. Allow (this is just for reference only) 1.5 hrs per pound. Mine took 1.3 hrs per pound. Also allow at least a minimum of 1 hour rest time when it's done for the juices to redistribute.

Not trying to scare ya - just making ya informed.

Keep Smokin
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Welcome to SMF, glad to have you onboard.
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Welcome to SMF! We are glad to have you...Lots of knowledge and friendship here...biggrin.gif
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Welcome to the best site for fun, laughs, tips, and smokin times. Welcome to SMF.
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welcome to the gang! be sure to dig around a bit and you will find all kinds of useful tips, tricks and info. don't be afraid to ask questions, these old "seasoned" pro's on here will be glad to help you out ;)
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Welcome from back home! Lotta folks heading that way, no work here, glad you found usPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Welcome to the SMF PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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