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first ribs

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Well here are my first pork ribs and the always important fattyAttachment 3429 Attachment 3430 ribs were nice and tender used a rub that left a lot to be desired might have to buy the secret recipe for the best sauce and rub in the world.
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Congrats on a successful smoke. Ribs look real good. Good description, good Q-view. Keep up the good work.
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I dont know how it tasted, but I looks marvelous...A dry rubbed fatty, That looks pretty good...
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Nice lookin Q catfish. Makes me hungry just looking at em.
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Seriously though, that stuff looks great...gotta admit, Jeffs secret rub, and sauce receipe are killer. Nothing but great comments from all that have tried them on butts and ribs.
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Good looking vittles catfish.
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looks dang skippy to me- hard to cook w/ arty & helos overhead abrahms rumbling through yer woods....
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End results look awesome to me. Glad things went your way.
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Congrats on a successful smoke!
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