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I've never tried to make my own tamales, but it sounds interesting to try sometime. There is a place in Tyler, TX that makes the best east Texas tamales I know of. There is a place in Nash, outside Texarkana that make the biggest I seen, and run a close second to those in Tyler. And actually, there is a steak chain that started in Greenville, MS that makes them in Newport, AR, and serves them as horsedoobers. But they are great most anytime. Matter of fact, with all this tamale talk, I think I'll saunder on up to the tamale factory and get a dozen or so. Sounds like a welcome change for dinner instead of my wife and I trying to figure something out at the last minute tonight.

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Smoke them in or out of the corn husk?
Straight from the freezer or thawed?
Actually I have heated them up on the grill before, but never considered the smoke factor!

I work with a great little amigo whos' wife/girlfreind makes tamales. The problem is that they are always on again, off again fighting with each other. (love I guess) So the last time that they were on speaking terms I ordered 100, straight pork. She also makes several different styles and fillings. Some with chicken filling and some with just pepper filling and some that I call breakfast tamales that are made with raisins. She also makes some that are wrapped in banana leaves, but I don't know if these are technically tamales. She does some catering and sells some to restraunts around town, but I doubt that she ships. I keep telling my little buddy that I want his wife to come to my place and spend a day or two cooking and filling my freezer with all of the different stuff that she makes, but it hasn't happened yet. Everything that he brings in to work for break is great stuff!

I always figured that any left over smoked pork or beef brisket down Texas way was automatically turned into tamales. Go figure?
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methinks I'm bringing my smoker to the next family tamale fest. My in laws do tamales the week after thanksgiving every year. But we always do beef. I think I'll smoke a butt this year just to mix things up. Now I can't wait til after thanksgiving.icon_rolleyes.gif
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I have the Tamale King. I used to make and sell tamales at different functions. One year I made 3 "Cinco de Mayo" celebrations in 3 different towns.
They are not as good as the hand made ones, but I did not have enough hands.
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