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Smoker Prep. Question

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Well I bet this is another one of those "Ohh my gosh is this guy and idiot"? icon_rolleyes.gif I have a Propane Smokey Mountain Smoker that I got from Wally World do I need to start the smoker and not put my meat in until the chips begin to smoke or do I fire it up and go for it and put the meat in?

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If you have already seasoned the unit, it's cooks choice. I would bring the unit to temp, put in the food and let it start cooking. I don't see where the few minutes I've waited for the smoke has had a detrimental effect on the food I've done.
I strongly recommend you use the smoking log for at least the first few smokes. It gets you to look at and note things as you go and helps you develop a feel for your unit and its working ranges.
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season it first. do that by running @ a higher temp than you would normally cook. use your chips/chunks whatever to get the "seasoning" in it. before you even light the thing take spray oil or wipe oil all inside & the grates first(hate to have ya blowing up on us) so wait a few minutes w/ it open before lighting if using spray oil. run it hot for a couple hrs then bring back to your cook temp for a couple more replacing wood as needed ( not a billowing smoke mind you)if it has wood & heat it has smoke- hence "the thin blue smoke" we all shoot for. let cool overnight then cook tomorrow.let us see pics of your first smoke as you know we love the Q-view. and try jeff's free 5day ecourse.
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