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How much smoke is too much?

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I'm smoking some ribs for 4th of July and I want to be sure not to make them too smokey...or is that possible? My flower pot isn't big enough to smoke a full rack o St. Louis style spare ribs so i'm gonna have to smoke em on the grill.
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depends on the wood. refer to this thread for better info. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...?threadid=6005 i use mesquite so i pour the smoke to it for the 1st hour then just add a chunk every so often after that & just heat the last couple hours.(mesquite has a lot of creosote so it can actually numb your lips).
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If you coil them up into a circle and pin the ends together, will it still not fit?
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Or you could perhaps use a rib rack? Lowe's and Home Depot have them.
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Amount of smoke really is personal preference.

My thoughts are the more smoke the better. For those who do not normally have good Q they tend to like less smoke.

Bottom line it is what you like
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come on nowbiggrin.gif over smoked bitter food is not good Q, but your yight it is a preference.

Brennen did you see that very show that Alton Brown made that flower pot smoker he talked about smoke times? 6 hr or more shouldent be under a heavy smoke as the creosote can build up.
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Most smoke masters state you should hardly see a wif of smoke coming from your smoker. I've got to admit, I tend to start out with a fair amount of smoke, but remember, most meats once they reach 140* internal, do not absorb anymore smoke due to the pores in the meat, closing up.
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I remember Alton Brown saying that he replaces the wood after smoking stops three times and thats it...but that was for a butt...as i'll be doing ribs, I wasn't sure if there was a different technique
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Remember that a butt takes alot longer than ribs to do. 9 to 12 hour compared to 4 to 6 for ribs. If you are doing 3-2-1 ribs, I would basically stop after the first 3 hours. I have been known to throw a small chunk in during the last 1 hour, only when guest are around. Makes a better show. wink.gif
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