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This was probably the most informative thread so far....I have a Brinkmann Smoke N Pit offset smoker. I cured today for the first time, and put charcoal in firebox and cooking chamber because thats what manual said to do..Im new to smoking. It held temperature great. Except manual said not to exceed over 450 degrees and it was up at 400 for a good 2 hours, and thats with both firebox damper closed and chimney vent closed....Im assuming it was only that high because i had charcoal in cooking chamber and firebox which I will never be doing....So im confused because every forum and post i read says how this is a big piece of crap out of the box for holding steady temps and all, but mine did great but again i did have charcoal in both chambers lol.Im going to attempt a dry run now thats its cured with charcoal just in firebox and see how bad or good it holds temperature......Yes the gap between the lid is alot. I will be putting thermometers in each end of the lid grate level,so i dont have to buy a two probe digital thermometer for inside...I will be buying high temp caulk for around the chimney chamber and any other holes or leaks probably around the firebox butterfly vent....


If temps dont hold like they did for curing process....

I will add a chimney extender inside the cooking chamber like everyone else did

Buy a grate box for charcoal for inside the firebox

And turn the cooking grate at the bottom upside down and have it raised high next to firebox side and angled down to very bottom at the opposite end


Good Plans????