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You just had to use the "mug" shot of that soda can didn't you? Have you no standards? icon_lol.gif

Nice job with the step by step of what you're using. Thanks for sharing.

Keep Smokin
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Awesome new pics! That helps out a lot! Thanks.

Yeah, I've read up on the charcoal idea, already. Here's a pic on it. The link to it is also there so you can read about how he made it all work. Farther below is the guy who used a terra cotta water catcher for a wood container. See, I knew I saw it someplace!

Terra Cotta water catcher wood container.

As what you said to me in PM, using aluminum pie pans are a no-no, but I always felt that was for those super cheap thin pie pans you get with frozen pies. However, I feel the heavy duty should be OK. But, I am starting to think that a stainless steel pie pan would be better. One like this... But, do any of you see a potential health or taste risk with using one of these? Just curious what your thoughts are.
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icon_lol.gif that was punny PC! I thought a step by step picture show would be nice as all the other people who post blogs/threads about it don't elaborate on it too much.

Sin, I saw that thread too and thought I could do it one better, I just needa get my drill and my masonry bits out once I get a good design going. Still needa figure out the vent cover situation. That post also doesn't go into any real detail about how it's put together. Plus theres no action shots. The issue I see with using a chimney starter is stability. from what I understood from that persons thread, they just plopped the smoker right on top of it, I can see that whole thing falling over. Being in the military, I get safety beaten into my head at least once a week. Thats why I'm developing the "terra cotta burn box" if you will.

If I keep this up I'm gonna need to start a sister thread in the charcoal smokers section.
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As far as stainless steel goes, you should be perfectly safe. taste and smell shouldnt be a problem. Even if it's teflon coated. Teflon only releases PTFE toxins at 680*. No smoker should ever get that hot. If you have questions, here's an article about it...

My understanding is there shouldn't be any health risks associated with smoking in this manner...lets put it this way. last time you cooked in your kitchen, did you get sick? My hot plate is rated at 750W and can hold temp inside my smoker at 350* without any meat or anything inside. Right now, the only thing I feel uncomfortable with is putting more aluminum on the hot plate.

I got new things to experiment with now, I got a small 6" terra cotta pot and a 9" cake pan (non stick type). I'm gonna see which one makes better smoke. I just need something to smoke to find out.
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Got some baking potatoes around? Ever had smoked mashed or whipped potatoes?

Do this: Scrub the crud off of some baking potatoes. Dry them off well. Poke holes all over the potato with a fork with long prongs. Lightly coat the potato with peanut oil. Finally, sprinkle salt over the potato. Smoke 'til knife tender.

I've never tried it, naturally, but I read about it. Potatoes are cheap and simple enough, I figure to test run my smoker with them when I get the right pots for it.
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Brennan -

Now you've gone and done it!

I went to my sisters last night for a wedding practice dinner and spotted this planter she's had on her table for about 30 years and tried to talk her out of it! It's huge about the size of half a 55 gallon drum and I thought - hmmm I could make a smoker out of that!

She almost hit me!
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Maybe if you let her hit you she'd feel bad and give you the pot. Those things get kinda pricy when they get big.
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I know she paid $200 for it 30 years ago I wouldn't want to buy it now! Probably more than my first car! The thing must weight close to 70 pounds.
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I have a theory. Anything big enough to fit in a pot that size is way past ready to be transplanted to the large communal flower pot we call the ground.
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I doesn't grow anything it just sits on the table. Can't for the life of me remember if there's even anything in it - just a HUGE pot with grapes and leaves painted on it. I guess it's just a decoration thing.
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That's a lot of space to take up for the sake of decoration.
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Hey everybody!

I just joined since I found this thread.

I made one of these 2 months ago and have since smoked 4 Boston Butts in it. They have all turned out perfect.

I used the hot plate from Walgreens that I took out of it's housing and keep the controls outside the smoker. I also used a cast iron smoking box from Walmart that works great.

I'm happy with my A.B. Smoker and only put about $75 on it.
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