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Vodka goes good in tea, especially green tea with a little lime or lemon..
I tried it in desperation one night when I didn't have any mix for my vodka, and didn't feel like making the drive into town for some sprite.. was very suprised at how good it was.

As a matter of fact, there is now a green tea vodka on the market.
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shortrib that is great so now I can feel a bit healthy while I am consuming adult beverages
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Loose leaf tea is the best flavor you can get. Forget tea bags, they're a waste of material. Go with loose leaf tea and add fresh lemon to the glass if you desire. I never put hot water over my sugar because it ends up tasting like corn syrup was used sweeten the tea. Instead, I add cold water to my sugar and stir until it is disolved. And, I never add hot tea brew to my sugar water mixture. I let it cool first. Now, that's "Iced Tea."
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I usually put a Lipton gallon size teabag in the basket of my Black and Decker tea maker and fill to the max (3 qt) line with water, and put 1 1/4 cup of sugar into the bottom of the teapot ...takes about 4 or 5 minutes to brew. When it is done, I put 4 trays of ice into a one gallon pitcher, stir the tea in the pot to disolve the sugar, and then pur over the ice in the one gallon container. Perfect every time.

Note: While everyone has their own idea about how sweet tea should be, most folks in here in the South drink it fairly sweet.

Another note: 3 Lipton family size bags is about the same as 1 one gallon bag
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I've got a Mr Coffee ice tea maker and it works great. We do brown tea, green tea and raspberry tea and all are great. It makes a half gallon pitcher and my wife and I will drink the whole thing in one night. If any of you go to Olive Garden try their peach tea, its probably the best tea I've ever had.
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Vodka goes pretty good in peach too, also
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We make "sun tea" out on the deck. It's fine.
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I see an almost definitive line here between Southerners and Northerners...I'm a yankee, but live below the mason dixon for almost 10 years, gotta love that sweet tea. Even when I was little, we'd go out to eat and I'd get a glass of tea (not sweetened), I'd take the sugar pourer and my teaspoon and let the sugar fill the spoon and let it cascade over teh sides, stir it til the tea was sweet, then a little extra sugar. When you get to the bottom, you have a little sugar river you get to let slide down the side of you your glass...

Anyone ever just do sun sweet tea???
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