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Newbie from Mass

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Hi everyone! My son gave me a Charbroil Silver Smoker for Father's Day and having made the modifications to it that are recommended online, I am about to do my first run at smoking on the 4th as I have 10 pounds of ribs, a bag of Rancher lump and some mesquite chucks and I am ready to roll!
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Welcome aboard. Sounds like you've been doing your homework and your final exam is Wed. Keep us informed on how your smoke goes and we absolutely expect Q-views.
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welcome to smf joe. be sure to check out the 5-day ecourse. it's free. youare seasoningthe pit first right? if you have questions someone here will surely have the answer.
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Welcome, suggest the 5 day course and look around the site for ideas to help with your first shot. Don't push the time when its done, its done, not before. Good luck, take pix and post your results for us.
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Welcome aboard joeinma! You certainly have come to the right place for all things smokin'... looking forward to your posts!
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Welcome to SMF Joe. Good luck with those Ribs.
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Welcome joe. Good to have ya aboard! Good luck with your ribs on the 4th. Let us know how it turns out!
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Welcome aboard joeinma you will love it here i do
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Welcome to SMF joeinma!!! Be sure and let us know how those ribs turn out.
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Welcome aboard the SMF!! Check out the 3-2-1 method for some awesome ribs!
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Welcome Joe. Keep us posted on your adventure. Good ribs are their own reward. Have fun.
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Welcome to SMF, looks as if you are ready to smoke & Rock!
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Welcome. Can't wait to here how the ribs go on the fourth.
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Yes, the smoker is seasoned. Thanks for asking!

Thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome. Just rubbed the ribs since I will not be home tonight and will be up and going at 7 am tomorrow morning (so I can take the ribs to a friend's pool party assuming they come out ok!)
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