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My first Quarters

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We tried smoking chicken quarters for the first time today. The problems that I knew I had to watch was, 1st drying out the chicken to much, 2nd the skins on the turkeys we’ve do was way too rubbery. Well I injected them with Creole Butter marinade about 30 hrs before I was to begin the smoke then place them in a dish and dumped the excess (I put about a half a bottle in a separate bowl to fill the injector) marinade over them. Right before the smoke I sprinkled them with lemon pepper, garlic powder, Creole seasoning, and seasoning salt. Then I used mesquite chips and smoked at 275* till the meat temp was 157* basting with a mix of beer and butter every half hour starting 45 minutes after put the chicken in the smoker. Then at 157* I pulled them and moved to the gas grill to finish. While on the grill I basted with Q sauce tell done at 167*. I ended up with a very juicy and great tasting chicken. Then skin was much better then the turkey’s skin, but I think I will pull from smoker sooner to give a little longer on the grill. All in all the smoke was a very good one; even the wife said it was to “die for.†I have some pics in the camera I will post them as soon as I get them down loaded from it and remember how to post them.
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Congrats on a successful smoke. Everyone pretty much has their on style of how they smoke their meat. We use a lot of the same techniques but we all do things a little different. If the meal you made was a success do some tweaking as you've indicated you plan on, and press on with pride.
We will be looking for your pics.
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Sounds like a successful smoke to me...... icon_cool.gif
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The pics

OK here is the pics of my quarters
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I did the same thing last night, cept I did a whole chicken. I have absolutely nothing elaborate equipment wise just my weber bbq and a lil bitty smoker made out of a couple terra cotta pots and a hot plate. I didn't do anything too snappy with the chicken, just a quick cure for about 2 hours then a rinse and some butter, salt, and pepper. I set up my bbq for medium inderect heat (simple dlope up from the middle to one side). then I threw on a large handfull of some jack daniels oak chips and put the chicken on til it got to about 180. It came off the grill tasting like a smoked turkey leg from the fair.
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That looks yummy..I have thrown some yard birds in the smoker and the skin is flavorful, but has the texture of rawhide. Wife won't let me smoke chickens anymore until I fix that problem because we all know the best part of the bird if the skin! Now I have an idea..Thanks
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Looks good. I no longer mess with the skin that much, due to Cholesterol issues and the skin not being too good for you. I do have problems when I do a whole chicken on the rotisserie though. Man!! Then that skin can be to 'die for'.......and if I keep eating it, I probably will. smile.gif
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Good looking smoke. Thanks for the q view. It certainly activate my drool mechanisms.
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It does look mighty tasty, nice job. On my turkey smoke I turned up the heat as recommended because I don't think poultry benefits from the low and slow as much as other meat, especially if you are brining or injecting.
At higher heat you will get a crispier skin.
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