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Pulled pork w/ skin

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First, pardon me if I'm not doing this right. I'm new to the forum.
I bought a whole pork shoulder to smoke for the holiday. It has the skin on it. Do I just put rub on the skin, score the skin then rub it, or what for the best results? Also, it's about 9.5 lbs. I figure about 14 to 15 hours at 225 will be a good guess. Does that sound fairly close?
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Hit roll call and get a proper introduction, as far as the skin, remove it and leave about a 1/4" of fat and rub,cooking time is close, foil at 160* and finish to 205* for pulled pork!
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i leave the skin on & inject & rub the skinless side using a drip pan spritzing & saving some for the finishing sauce. but thats me.
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In my opinion.....Bubba nailed it. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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What bubba said but also quit adding smoke at 140' and spray with liquid (I use apple juice) once every hour or so..

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There is no need to remove or score the skin either one. Rub the exposed meat and cook. The skin really seems to hold in the juices and flavor. Smoke it the entire length of the cook. Pork shoulders and butts and such take smoke really well.

Here is a link to my last shoulder cook if you're interested:

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