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Ribs and ABT

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Just a few pics to whet your appetitite, hopefully more later if i can.
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I wish I had some ribs to put in with my butts, but my racks were full. Looking good.
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Mmmmmmmmmm!! smile.gif
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just wondering but do save the drippings? gravy or anything?

from now on i might save the drippings and freeze it for later use.
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My next smoke will be some ribs, please post some more pics
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Didn't you know as a member you are not allowed to post PRE pics without posting finished pics within a timely manner!!!PDT_Armataz_01_07.gif
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We Want Ribs!!!!!!!!!
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I don't save the drippings. I just have a hard time cause I know what the pan looks like with all that grease at the bottom of the smoker. I'm sure there is a lot of taste there though.
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