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today's weather forecast... smoke!!!! (and pork)

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here's the before shots of shoulder injected & soaked overnight in tracy bird's marinade,fajita spice,uncle chris' steak spice & garlic, ribs w/smokin' mojo rub(smokin' mojo sauce to be on the side), ribs w/ fajita spice & garlic(to be done w/ kentucky sweet & tangy sauce),a cheddar stuffed bacon wrapped jd fattie,a mojo/garlic rubbed fattie,a plain fattie,and a 4lb. bologna chub rubbed w/ mojo,weber's sweet & tangy,&garlic. also to go on are brats & garlic to smoke. but tonights dinner is actually homemade chimichangas in a white queso jalapeno sauce(for the girls). to steal a line from forrest gump... "i just felt like cookin'". http://s178.photobucket.com/albums/w...od/food%20pix/ also it's promotional food for a few small local stores & practice for upcoming festivals & caterings.
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those smoke-n-pits sure hold a lot of grub don't they gypsy i know i always feel guilty when i don't have mine full
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yeah and i'm only using 2/3 of it. the grill closest to the box is my tuning plate.
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gypsy, what kinda smoker is that, it don't look like a SNP.
THAT looks GOOD!, what a smorges board.
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it's a brinkman "smoke & grill" offset smoker grill.
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Nice, ain't never seen one. gotta SNP that is semi retired, may need to go look into the SNG,or is it a transmorgafide home cutomized unit?
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the only mods are i use the 1st grill as a tuning plate(wrapped double in foil),sealed a few spaces by the fire box w/ foil & installeda "redneck rainbreak"-an umbrella ducttaped to a piece of pvc & wired to the pit. see pics. http://s178.photobucket.com/albums/w...od/food%20pix/
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That's a damn nice spread you have going there... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

When are you going to patent the umbrella mod.... icon_question.gif
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tyty. looking forward to yer pics too. fixing to go do the @2 hrs. shot.
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Thats a good idea with that tuning plate. I have the same smoker and I usually put a metal pan full of water there. I'll have to try wrapping the grate with foil. Great looking smoker full of great looking grub.
Does you smoker eat charcoal and wood as much as mine does?
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it's a fuel hog 4 sure- i'm thinking about replacing the firebox w/ heavier steel as the lid & top seem thin & lose a lot of heat so therefore burn more fuel. as the "redneck rainbreak" goes, i'm working on the trademark now & will have to see if jeff will put it in the smoking meat store along w/ bass pro, cabela's, & billy jo bob ray's fireworks,cigarettes,&wholesale liquors.
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i did a 9# deer roast and 10# of wings last weekend and i only used about 6# of lump. i have the ECB SnP which has about the thinnest metal of all the offsets. in the winter or windy days it is a fuel hog but days like today{79 and calm} it uses hardly any.

i also just use a large aluminum pan full of water next to the firebox and it acts as a tuning plate along with raising the charcoal pan . as far as a rain guard i use a 9' patio umbrella..
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i'll have to try that. i'm working on a party tent for the other stuff,this was just to keep the kids laughing.
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4 hrs. just spritzed w/ apple/cranberry& evoo. http://s178.photobucket.com/albums/w...rsaimee028.jpg
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That sure looks good. Could I borrow some of that garlic, and maybe a slice of that fatty.
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sure. 6 hr update- spritzed again on the hour,pulled the brats earlier,and now the fatty's are about cleard for landing (on the plate).pork is plateau @ 150 and the ribs are going to get slathered now & 1 more hour then wrapped until the shoulder is done.
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well it was an 8 hr. smoke & i'm beat. also had to do the mexi food for the girls. everything came out good to me but i didn't feel like pulling the pork so i 1/2 azz sliced it. some will go for carne guisada & some i will pull tomorrow. here's the final pics.some shots were'nt so hot but i was in a hurry. http://s178.photobucket.com/albums/w...od/food%20pix/
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Lookin' good. Just bought the same smoker ( I think ) Smokin' N Pit #810-3040W.
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mine is the smoke-n-grill(only difference i think is i have a metat work tray & your's has wood?) for low-n-slow that cook used approx. 12lbs sam's club large coal briquettes & 1/2 bag mesquite chunks for 8-9 hr cook. i loaded it up to start then just added a handful here & there to keep @ 225-250. but i checked a lot to see the new grate thermo(gotta get a digital w/ probe).
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