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re: chickens

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I have read about putting a thin layer of mustard on pork to help hold dry rubs on, does anyone know of anything to use on chickens? Mustard and chicken doesnt sound good

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After reading alot of the threads on this site, last weekend I brined a chicken and grilled (I know a sin) it as an experiment. It was outstanding. This week I am brining two chickens for the forth. One will have added seasoning in the brine and then hand rubbed with seasoning while moist from the brine being rinsed off. The other I am going to rub like an itailian dressing on it then the seasoning and see what happens. But like most people have been saying when your done smoking just take the skin off anyway. Use it to keep in the mositness and discard aftwards. Will let you know how it goes though.
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Ken , try rubbing on a little evoo first , then your rub , should work fine wink.gif
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yup- what t-bone said.
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Save the mustard for the pork and beef where getting a good bark is the ticket... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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that is a good idea, I will try that.. the italian dressing thing didnt sound too bad either that calismoker mentioned, he also mention discarding the skin afterwards - Im wondering what would be the purpose of rub if you were going to discard it with the skin anyway. Will the rub penetrate the skin and get to the meat? Going to do baby back ribs today. Been using a Knasas City sweet and smoky rub on pork - got the recipe out of the Barbeque Bible.

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Haven't smoked any chix yet.... gonna do 2 this weekend, but when I do BBC i slather them with mayo and rub.

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When rubbing a chicken, i find it helps to seperate the skin and throw some rub in there. Also toss a handful of rub in the cavity to sneak some flavor in from the inside. Like watery eyes said, save the mustard for beef and pork, use EVOO instead, or if you feel like some extra fat and flavor, brush it down with some melted butter instead of oil. about a stick should do it for a 4lb roaster.
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The taste of the mustard should go away as it does with ribs
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I've never use mustard on chicken, a good brine (which is a must for me), some rub and in the smoker they go.
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Yeah, what Brennan said. Work you fingers up under the breast skin, shove some rub up in there and rub it around, all the way up past the wishbone. A few xtra thin slicews of garlic and a sprig or two of fresh rosemary is always nice too.

I think it should end up lookikng (whoop, I stuttered) like this. if you coat it w/ mustard, it likely won't.

Fill us in on what happens.


Oh, and where are my manners? WELCOME TO THE BOARD!!!
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Welcome aboard.

Yes for the shoving it under the skin

Oil, or oil and a mixture of lemon juice or just rinse the chicken off with water and then add the rub it will work (not the best but it will work)
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