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Hello from Fort Collins, CO

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Hi -

Just found this site while surfing for info on Rendezvous rib seasoning. I grew up in Memphis so I've got an appreciation for eating good ribs from the Rendezvous and Corky's. Unfortunately you can't get food like that in Fort Collins, Colorado. Closest thing is to make it yourself.

Just picked up one of the new model Masterbuilt smokers from Sam's last weekend. Got it conditioned and ready to go. I'm gonna do 6 or 8 slabs of baby backs tomorrow. I should probably classify myself as "still learning". I've had pretty good success with baby backs and pork loins over the years with my old Brinkman electric and then my Brinkman propane. Haven't done much the past few years since the Brinkman propane wouldn't stay lit at low heat (too windy on days I picked to use it!).

I'll head over to the Masterbuilt section now...

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welcome to smf. try the free 5 day smoking e-course. and keep on smokin'.
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Welcome aboard. Look forward to you sharing your experience and your upcoming experiences. We love lots of Q-views.
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Welcome, lots of recipes and suggestions here, as stated, try the 5 day smoking course.

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Welcome aboard Kevin, you are gonna love it here!
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Welcome to SMF. Lots of great people and food here. A lot of knowledge and ideas and best of all the people here are very willing to share it. Have fun and good luck with those ribs. Don;t forget we love pics of whatever you smking adventures you have.
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Welcome to the board!
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Welcome to SMF kgearhardt!!! There are alot of guys w/ MES 's here, they'll have you up to speed w/ that new toy in no time.
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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Welcome to the SMF PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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welcome to SMF, Kevin, great place here and the people are even better, lookin forward to seeing your posts , remember to include some pics PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Welcome to SMF!!!

Doesn't matter how much you smoke - always learn something every time. rolleyes.gif
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Welcome from california. Small world I am also from Ft. Collins went to rocky in my younger years.
You will find great people here to share and help. Looking forward to hearing about those ribs.
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tongue.gif Hey, as many Colorado people that are showing up here, we gonna have to call this the Colorado smoking meat forum eek.gif

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lol lisa-i think texas already claimed the population.
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Welcome to SMF from a fellow masterbuilt user and colorado state university alumnis!!! icon_mrgreen.gif
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Welcome to the SMF kgearhardt.
Glad you found us!!!smile.gif
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Let the map show you where your state stands. If you haven't found this yet, go ahead and add your pin to the map.

Welcome to SMF kgearhardt. Glad to have you aboard.

Keep Smokin
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we still need a few states to fill up the reps.
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Thanks to all for the great responses! I ended up smoking 4 slabs on Saturday using Corky's dry rub and cherry wood chips. Left 'em in for just over 4 hours at 225F. All in all everyone was very happy with the results, so I guess my new Masterbuilt is off to a good start!

Guess it's time to stock up on baby back slabs when they're on sale so I can start experimenting...

Take care! Kevin
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