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I have the smaller one, too, and since there is less volume to heat I would imagine it uses somewhat less fuel, if that's a consideration.
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I'll bet you'll wish you had spent the extra $30 ....
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Go big or go home!PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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I got the bigger GOSM.... for the money you can't beat it. I had about 2/3's of a propane tank and ran it for 8 to 9 hours. I took the tank off the smoker the next day, put it on my grill and still managed to cook hamburgers and hotdogs. Plus I used the tank to season my GOSM.

It might cost more on fuel. I don't have a comparison. Filling a tank here is only 11.50 with tax ... a small price to pay for good food.

I enjoy the fact that I can put a whole slab of ribs on each shelf. I cooked a 6.5 lb boston butt and 2 slabs of the extra cuttings and I had room left over. The extra space lets me make extra meat for lunches for the whole week icon_biggrin.gif
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My Big Block will do 5 long hour (8+) smokes on a tank of propane. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

We restored the grill, but it has only been used once since I started smoking. tongue.gif I ended up pulling the propane tank from the grill when the one on my smoker wiffed out this last week.

Sometimes I feel a little sad to see my grill neglected while I baby my smoker on a Saturday.... icon_cry.gif
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Glad to know that!

My tank hasn't run out yet. I got my extra tank filled just in case. I anticipated it to run out quick. I was wrong. I bought a 3 burner gas grill last year and it emptied a tank quicker than what I ever expected. Why I got the 2nd tank.

I can't say enough good things about my GOSM... I really enjoy it.
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Smokers use less BTUs then grills ... hence many more hours of cooking time ....
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Sorry for the long delay in getting back to the questions obout the regulator fix. I had to call the company a number of times to remedy this. First they wanted me to try turning the tank on 1/4 turn. Try that and call back. Next call a girl that told me 250 degrees was normal and that I should open the door to cool it down. Next call was to demand a new regulator as the first gentleman sugested, if the first step did not work. I had to fax the model # as well as the reciept to verify it was in warranty. Unfortunately, it took the 2+ months (on backorder) to send me a new regulator (front panel, hose, reg., and control knob assy). It turns out it was too small for my unit so I unscrewed the control knob assy. and replaced the defective assy. Now it works so much better. I have noticed that near the ends of my smokes, it is hard to maintain 225-235. It usually settles in at 240-250 (top vent wide open and knob as low as it will go). Awesome food none the less!
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I wonder if this might be the answer to my question in my other post...this is the model of smoker I am looking at and I am thinking about buying one and converting it to Natural Gas... since natural gas burns at a lower temperature than Propane, then NG might be the way to go
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I haven't actually played with it enough to check it, but I assumed that the GOSM vents work the same as a regular charcoal grill. Fully open is hotter than closed (allows more air flow which helps the fire burn hotter). You may want to try closing your vents to lower the temp.

Does anyone know for sure if the vents work different on a Gas model?
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Maybe they all work slightly different but I have to set mine between the low and medium to get 225. On the low setting my temp was a little below 200. This was with the vent closed as much as it will close. I was smoking on pretty warm days also, upper 80's.
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Just bumping this back to the top.
I've sent some PM's and asked a few questions in other threads about this unit but I should have taken the time to search and read this thread because every single question of mine was answered herePDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Thanks to those that contributed!
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Greetings all... we just got our 16" GOSM and hope to get it assembled and seasoned soon... thanks for all the great info that I've read so far, I'll be chiming in more as we start to smoke... :) And pics of the q-view will definitely follow.

I'm also a big homebrewer, so know the two will go hand in hand... a good day sounds like the smoker on one end of the carport and a 10 gallon batch of brew boiling on the other. Can't wait!
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