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Fattie glazing

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I dont know if this has been tried yet. I read thru teh archives and didnt see this exact thing. So let me know what you think...

I reheated some of my frozen fatties.

They consisted of Cheap sausage
Cream cheese
Garlic (fresh Minced)
Diced onion
little chili powder
All stuffed in a large Jalepeno and rolled in sausage then wrapped in bacon.

After it was warm I placed it on aluminum foil, then glazed it w/ brown sugar, honey, and enough water to make it a thick paste. Gave the fattie a thorough glazing then brought it up to temp.

The sweet glazing offset the Hotter than usual Jalepeno.

You must try this....
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Sounds goodwink.gif
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Shows that there are still a few new things that can be done with the truly versatile Fatty..... PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif

Nice job......next time post some pics. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I don't believe that a fattie can be ruined in anyway.
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My sentiments exactly!! That is a great idea, thanks.
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Sounds good Never tried it on a fatty but it's great on bananas!
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