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Saturdays smoke was great

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I was wondering if anyone else has tried the hormel pre marinade pork loins. I am personally not a huge fan of prepackaged meat. HOWEVER half price meat always catches my attn. And to my amazement this turned out really good. I wrapped bacon ,that had been rubbed in the leftover marinade in the loin package, around the loin and smoked it for 3.5 hrs turned out very juicy and very tasty. We tried the sun dried tomato and the lemon garlic. The chicken was washed in pure applejuice and then I placed a peeled gala apple in the cavity and tied the legs shut.

Over all this smoke session I would rate a 8 out of 10 overstuffed family members...

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Sounds like a successful smoke! I love your rating system biggrin.gif
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Nice looking grill of goodies. I agree you have a unique grading system , but it certainly matches most of our standard audience. Keep up the good smokin.
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sure is makin me hungry
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Half price is twice as good - as far as I'm concerned. PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif

Try the Butt-Can method on your chicken next time if you have the space.
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I have often wondered about those pre-marinated loins my self. My smoking senses told me to stay awayPDT_Armataz_01_35.gif but I may have to try one.
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Looking good C&C! That chicken though ... looks like it's sticking it's tougue out from behind!
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Bacon makes anything taste good. I bought some for some ABTs this weekend and was surprised at how expensive it was!
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I have smoked several of them and always soaked them in apple juice for 3 hrs. Rub them with yellow mustard then Jeffs rib rub take to 155* internal temp wrap and let set 1 hr have never had a dry one.
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Oh yeah... now I'm hungry! I too like your rating system! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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