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full smoker

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Heres a pic of last weekends smoke.I finally got the pic upload to work.My stuffed fatty,on the right slumped into more of a meatloaf but it sure was good.
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Thanks for the pic fix ,Dacdots drool slurp wipe PDT_Armataz_01_30.gif looks yummy !
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With my auto drool fully engaged, congrats to you. Every thing looks great and it looks like something for everyone.
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That is some fine looking grub!! Nice variety and it all looks good.
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That is a full smoker for sure dacdots. Looks good as usual.
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wow!!!! that is some good lookin grub!!!smile.gif

what is that bell pepper thing on top???? looks gooooood!
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goooood looking grub ya made me drool on my keyboard
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Nuttin better than a full smoker!!! Looks the grub!
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hehe I was going to ask about the bell pepper as well? What's inside?

I have two red bells in the fridge that are asking to be stuffed with some ground meat and rice and smoked.
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I don't care if it's a gasser, electric, charcoal or wood......if it's a full smoker - then it's my favorite!!! PDT_Armataz_01_24.gif
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dacdots is that homemade sausage, you have thereicon_eek.gif
everything looks delicious. What is in those peppers?
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David -

That's looks great! Is that your bolgna I see? Fatty meatloaves are great for big sammies! I put 4 together a few weeks back and rolled it full of goodies!
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Mighty fine looking vittles dacdots.
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What a spread! Excellent job dacdots! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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great feed there dac. i love that 1 pepper,looks like it's daddy was a cactus- now that would be a skeery plant.
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You now haveat least 3 people wondering what did you put in those bell peppers.......... well????icon_mrgreen.gif
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Oh yes,thats my homemade sausage stuffed with peppere,onion,celery,and cheese.As far as the peppers the top one is a bell pepper and the one on the lower rack is a Poblano pepper.I stuffed them with some rice,sausage,A1,and some tomato based warm sauce I canned last year.They were really good,not to hot just good and tangy.The chubs of bologna I made last fall,bout 20 lb of it,and I cover it with EVOO and sprinkle on what ever Im the mood for.I covered the chickens with EVOO and covered it with mesquit seasoning,it was all soooooo good,glad you liked the pic.Im having 10 people plus my family here Sunday for a big feed.What will I do this time?????
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wow that sounds amazing. I'll be waiting to see whats on the menu for next week....icon_mrgreen.gificon_mrgreen.gif
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OKay that's it I'm hungry .... icon_wink.gif
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